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DROP - 4x 40R suits clearout: $225 USD each (E. Zegna, Versace Collection, Belvest)

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by Wayward, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. Wayward

    Wayward Senior member

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    Oct 21, 2010
    Ever since going to the gym on a regular basis, I've slowly crept up to a size 42. Hence, my loss is everyone else's gain. Up for sale are 5 suits that I wish still fit. They were all part of my work rotation at some point, and are in pre-worn but excellent condition.

    Rather than try to set individual prices, I've simply made an arbitrary call of $250 225 USD each OBRO. Items are located in Canada. Shipping is free within Canada; please add $20 USD to the US, and PM me elsewhere.

    Please see the photo gallery above for more details on each suit.

    Measurements are taken as follows:
    - Shoulders: seam to seam, from back
    - Chest: armpit to armpit, from the front
    - Sleeve: from shoulder seam to cuff
    - Waist: across buttoning point, from the front
    - Length: from bottom of collar
    - (Trouser) Waistband: half measurement, across front
    - Inseam: self-explanatory
    - Hem: half measurement, across leg opening

    1) Zegna Mainline, tagged 48R

    This is in the now-discontinued "Roma" model, which is a more structured, conservative cut with slightly stronger shoulders and full trousers.

    This is from the "Heritage" collection, which I believe is a replication of Zegna's older fabrics. It is a tasteful, heavier gray POW plaid with a blue overcheck.

    - 2-button notch lapel
    - dual vents
    - flat front trousers


    Shoulder: 18.75 in
    Chest: 21.25 in
    Sleeve: 26 in
    Waist: 19.75 in
    Length: 30.5 in

    Waistband: 17 + 0.75 in
    Inseam: 32.75 + 0 in
    Hem: 8.75 in

    2) Zegna Mainline, tagged 48R

    Another Zegna Mainline, also a Roma. This is a conservative charcoal pinstripe, all-season fabric with double reverse pleats. Please note that a couple of the sleeve buttons are slightly chipped.

    - 2-button notch lapel
    - dual vents
    - double reverse pleats


    Shoulder: 18.5 in
    Chest: 21 in
    Sleeve: 26 in
    Waist: 20 in
    Length: 30.25 in

    Waistband: 16 + 0.5 in
    Inseam: 33 + 0 in
    Hem: 8.5 in

    3) Versace Collection, tagged 52R

    This is a heavier flannel cloth, with an eye-catching gray stripe pattern. Please note that there are no belt loops on the trousers.

    - 2-button peak lapel
    - dual vents
    - flat front


    Shoulder: 19 in
    Chest: 20.5 in
    Sleeve: 26 in
    Waist: 19 in
    Length: 30.75 in

    Waistband: 16.5 + 1.5 in
    Inseam: 34 + 1 in
    Hem: 9.25 in

    4) Belvest, tagged 50R

    A Neapolitan cut, with minimal shoulder padding, spalla camicia with shirring. However, the trousers are still classic, not aggressively tapered. The cloth is an all-season wheat puppystooth, with an orange overcheck.

    - 2-button notch lapel
    - dual vents
    - single reverse pleat
    - functional sleeve buttonholes


    Shoulder: 18 in
    Chest: 20.5 in
    Sleeve: 25 in
    Waist: 19.25 in
    Length: 29.75 in

    Waistband: 16.5 + 0.5 in
    Inseam: 32 + 1.5 in cuffs
    Hem: 8.75 in

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  2. razl

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    Aug 10, 2009
    United States of America v4.0

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