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Dress shirt Deals


May 26, 2006
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Hey guys, Im relatively new to this site. I have been getting a lot of excellent advice on where to shop and what to look for. Im from Canada so we have to pay a lot more then you guys are used to. I visit the states a lot and do most of my shopping at TJ Maxx, Marshalls & Kaufmans.

I need some bigger sizes 17.5/18 neck size. Im not rich like some of u guys, but Im looking to spend below $80. Preferabley in the $30-$50 range. TO be honest the average shirt price I have bought are in the $15-$30 range. I have been able to get a lot awesome deals in the states, but I see that there are some awesome place to shop that I have never been to, and would like some advice, and what to expect if I went to these stores below:

Filenes basement
Century 21
Anywhere else you guys know of swith similar deals, or styles. Here are some examples of what Im looking for.




Once again I have never been to these stores before, I would appreciate if you guys could tell me in detal what I could expect to see at any of these stores. It doesn't have to be Armani because thats more high end. I keep seeing stuff about Zegna, Ike Behar, etc. Do they have nice desinger shirts avaliable all the time. Can you give me some examples of what you guys see on a particular trip. Are the designs great? How is the selection in the 17.5-18 inch neck sizes. I dont really where suits to work, Im just looking for some dress shirts and maybe some ties.

I dont have any Italian stuff yet. I have the typical PVH stuff-CK, Kenneth Cole, G.Beene, Izod, Nautica, Van Huessen, & Claibone & Pierre Carden. I already have a lot of colured shirts, Im looking to add some pinstripped shirts to my wardrobe. Can you tell in particular the kind of prices and what to expect on an average trip to any of these stores. I have found Marshals/TJ Maxx seem to have better stock around Mid January to early February-after all that christmas season shopping is over. Is there a particular time of the year thats good to visit in terms of inventory for these higher end stores? I see that some of you guys have been really nice and really helpful. I would appreciate it if you guys could show a Canadian some of your great American hospitality that I have experienced with all my trips down south. I shop mostly in Buffalo, Erie-PA, Cleveland Ohio, have been to Boston, thinking of visiting NYC/NJ or Chicago again. My family will be hitting up LA for the July Fourth weekend. Any advice guys? Excellent website, really helpful stuff here.


Well-Known Member
Mar 24, 2006
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Are you a bigger guy generally, or is it just your neck size that's big. I ask because a shirt like Ike Behar would be a good bet for you if you don't need a slim fitting shirt. Ike Behar uses pretty decent fabrics, has very good construction for the price IMO, and can be regularly found at places like Century 21 and Ebay. Century 21 often has the "gold label" Ike Behar shirts, which have mother of pearl buttons. Another good bet is the higher grade of Polo Blue Label (made in Hong Kong, as opposed to Indonesia) -- these shirts that retail for $125+, but can often be found at discount stores, Ebay, and Polo.com during sales for fairly cheap.

I think it is a good idea to add some patterned shirts to your wardrobe, but I'd personally stay away from those dark navy blue/white pinstripe shirts that you linked us to. That is more "clubbing" wear, IMO, and very difficult to pull off stylishly in a business setting. Lighter blues will work better IMO, and are more versatile too. In addition, a lighter base color (light blues, whites, pinks, lavenders, even eggshell, etc.) will enable a broader use of color in the pattern.

BTW, the Made in Italy label is a bit misleading - a lot of the best stuff is made there, but the Made in Italy tag itself is not an indicator of quality. Go for good fabrics, well made collars, single needle stitching, and good fit over country of origin.


May 26, 2006
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Im a bigger guy. I see what you are saying about the fabrics/quality. Im been more used to buying the lower end priced shirts. And am looking to add some higher end stuff. Just not at the way higher prices. Have you visited any of the off-season discount stores, can you share any of your experiences while shopping at them. Im just trying to gage if its worth the extra trip. Especially when visiting NYC, it can be tough to get around.

The problem with these stores is they have nothing shown at there websites, which can help you see whats available and at what prices. I do need the XL, XXL sizes will these be harder to find at these stores.

Thanks for the quick reply.


Distinguished Member
Mar 10, 2006
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Since you seem to have easy access to Manhattan, try Daffy's as well. They have rounders full of Italian made shirts(some names but most are anonymous makers-probably overruns) priced at around $30.

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