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Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by tvo7, Jul 8, 2016.

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    I just had my first dress shirt altered from bb by a local asian tailor. The sleeves were shortened but I noticed the the thread and stitching is different from the rest of the shirt. Am I just being anal and this is normal?

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    Unless the colors are indistinguishable in a pantone color book and the stitch density is likewise hard to differentiate, it is sloppy work. That said, he could possibly just not have that thread color and guage in stock. Happens with tailors. There is just so many colors and guage possibilities possible that an alterations tailor cannot possibly have them all in stock. That said, he should have okayed a subsitition before doing the work

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    Unless you take it back to the company that made it then there is always a reasonable chance that they wont have the identical thread (colour, material, guage, density etc) as was originally used. Even if they do the colour can vary between batches hence always recommending buying all the material at the same time with contingency for any elongated projects.

    Why dont you post pictures so others can see? There has to be a certain level of tollerence in the matching, and some things are easier to match than others but without seeing images its hard to say if the guys done a sloppy job or you're being unfair.

    Secondly, have you actually asked him about it? Without seeing it again we can only take shots in the dark but it may be that the original stitching is done with some cheap synthetic fibre that will not last or age well and he's done the new stitching in a cotton or such to provide a more durable product. If this were the case he probably should have talked to you first but it'd depend on a) what you said and b) how big the difference.

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