Doing Some Serious Streamlining of my Wardrobe in the Coming Months.

Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by UrsusArctos, Sep 19, 2012.

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    I've really been thinking about toning down and streamlining my wardrobe even more than it is. I tend to buy things which seem like staples that said, I haven't bought anything for a few months and I'm tired of what I have, some of it is getting worn out, and I'm tired of 90% of the new clothes I see coming out. Does anyone else get disillusioned with fashion sometimes?

    So I'm considering streamlining down to the bare essentials. Lots of black and white tees, not many statement pieces. I do think that not much looks better than a decent white t-shirt, a decent pair of jeans and a pair of boots. I saw a photo of Pharrell Williams, who I don't particularly like, in a white T, some selvedge denim and a pair of Redwings and thought "That guy looks cool". That photo is basically my new philosophy.

    I like fashion, but I can't afford all the pieces I want, and what I can afford seems to be jumped on by everyone on the high street a few weeks after I've bought it. What I don't like is the stress of fashion. So I'm keeping it as simple as possible to avoid stress, but also to keep the quality up and keep it sharp, even if it is just a white T and some jeans. No statement pieces. There's something too stressful about dropping a ton of money on a statement piece and realising after a few months that you actually aren't pulling it off as well as you thought.

    I've also been in to a lot of black on black looks at the moment. I'm actually a professional artist so I guess that look kind of comes with the territory.

    Anyway, I have a motive for starting this thread:

    I'm looking for some good quality white, charcoal and black pocket tshirts. I like JCrew's Broken in Pocket T, but at £20 a pop when I'm planning on picking up five or six in one go, I don't think I can justify it. Is there anything that retails for less (Or is in a sale at the moment) that is decent quality. I.e. no nipples showing through?

    I'm also looking for some <£100 black raw selvedge, or at least just selvedge jeans. I'm aware it'd probably be entry level selvedge but I don't mind if the quality is there. Unbranded or Naked and Famous seem to be the names that get thrown around a lot. I could probably go a bit higher if I like what I see.

    I want a slim black harrington jacket. I have this asos harrington in the burnt orange that they had out a while ago. It's ok for a preppy look. I want something with a similar fit but better quality and in black. It's a pretty serviceable jacket as long as you don't treat it too harshly but I want to upgrade in quality. I'm not a huge fan of Barracuta because of that lining and they seem a bit bulky. Anything similar but more streamlined?

    Finally. What do people think of these:
    I'm not fan of Clarks because coming from the UK, you'd end up there every year the week before school started trying on a hundred pairs of school shoes. But the online world seems to love their desert boots, and I saw these on Highsnobriety last week and I quite like them. I have a feeling they'd go for some money when they stop selling them too.

    Anyway, some more tips for taking a wardrobe down to bare minimums would be great, and any tips on where to get the items listed above for a decent price.

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