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Does this color work for a business suit in NYC


Aug 25, 2010
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The fact that this is my first post says a lot. I've tried to learn as much as possible by reading posts on this forum, but I admit that I am a relative novice when it comes to style and business dressing.

I have decided to slowly build my business wardrobe. My first goal was to acquire 2 business suits for meetings and presentations. My initial intention was to have one navy suit and one charcoal suit, either plain or with very subtle pinstripes. However, over the weekend I purchased this Canali suit which is of a color that is difficult to describe (Gray/brown, and with a hit of green, with very fine light-blue pin-stripes). I initially overlooked it, as it wasn't the color I was looking for, but after trying it on I found the fit to be good, the construction excellent, and the color started growing on me.

Since I am new to working in NYC, and new to buying suits, I ask for your advice on whether this suit is acceptable within the Manhattan banking fraternity. I have seen a lot of navys and charcoals, and the occasional gray, but nothing like this. I would also appreciate your comments on the fit.

Note that the suit is untailored, so obviously the pants are a bit long and break too much. Also, the shirt in the picture is cream / light yellow, and not white.

Should I return it or should I keep it?


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Aug 27, 2009
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It's very difficult to tell the true color from your pictures. In any event, the conventional wisdom is that navy and charcoal are your best bet, from which you can branch to lighter grays and perhaps earthier tones for less formal occasions.


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Sep 30, 2009
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Welcome to Styleforum.
Nice suit. It will be fine.
Arms need to be brought up 1/2"
I am uncertain as to the length of the jacket from the photos you provided.
In one shot it appears a bit long, in another it seems fine.
Also, we'd need to see a shot of the full length of the pants.
Otherwise you are off to a great start.


Senior Member
Feb 14, 2009
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It's hard to see all the colors you are describing from the pictures/lighting, but in general I like it. The only thing I'm not too crazy about are the pockets, but I guess that's a matter of personal preference.

As for your question about the banking world... it's hard to say. When I was in school, I interned for a few financial banks. The jobs weren't on the investment side, but rather tech/operations, and I can tell you that things were uber conservative/boring. I can only assume things would be even more conservative on the investment side. Now I know a few internships don't equate to a full time job, but it allowed me to get a quick look into a few top notch financial banks and the dress code seemed mostly blue and white shirts, and navy, charcoal, and grey suits. Typically the only place I saw people take "risks" were with their ties.

Once in a while I would dress up a bit and incorporate more exciting color schemes, and while it got compliments from the ladies and the people who knew I was a hard worker, I typically would receive a handful of awkward stares from upper management folks who simply didn't know me.

In an ideal world, hard work, dedication, and results should be the things that get rewarded, but sometimes silly things such as suit/shirt colors do matter.

My opinion? Take a risk and try it out
. Life's too short to always be worrying what everyone is thinking about you. However, as stated earlier, the safe bet would be navy, charcoals, and shades of grey.

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