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Discussion in 'Business, Careers & Education' started by presence, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Hey everyone in the Forum! I am thinking about changing careers. My aim is to move into the fashion industry, particularly mens fashion RETAIL (selling the clothes). Does anyone work in the industry that can give me some real-life answers? What is a realistic salary? Is it commision based? Do you find it stimulating? Is it a grind? Are promotions out there for hard-working individuals? Do most people like their job? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

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    I did for several years while in college.
    What is a realistic salary? like all sales positions there are huge ranges. It depends how hard you want to work everyday, the traffic/location of your store. The price point of the products you sell and your commission %, the relationships you build, and also what the economy looks like.
    Is it commision based? yes
    Do you find it stimulating? no
    Is it a grind? yes
    Are promotions out there for hard-working individuals? yes
    Do most people like their job? yes, during the summer and nov-jan. Feb-May no

    The good thing about retail sales is you can def make good money if you are in a great location. There are plenty of 1mil+ sellers who can take home 100k+. At Nordstrom #1 seller takes home around 250-300k. But if I were still in that industry I would def look toward management. Many people become complacent in their roles: SA's typically don't want to go join the entry level management ie assistant manager/dept manager/store manager because the first few rungs on the ladder the managers make less than the SAs.

    If you get a college degree and work hard and do well as an SA you can easily become a manager within a year or start as an assistant manager if the company has one of those training programs. Within 5 years you can be a store manager. To go from store manager to a regional manager can take longer because sometimes people stay in their jobs forever, meaning you have to wait for them to retire or die. But if you are mobile and jump to other retailers or designers you can easily avoid this.

    Good luck!

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