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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by faustian bargain, Jul 21, 2004.

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    From the Here's Something You Don't See Every Day department: Near my office in San Francisco there is a new storefront called 'Stitch'. I stopped in today, thinking maybe they did alterations or somesuch. Here is the place. Turns out it's a place they call a 'sewing lounge'. Basically you go in and rent time on a sewing machine. Kinda like an internet cafe. They also have classes on various types of techniques. Even one geared toward altering men's clothes. ok ok, so it's a bit...metrosexual. However, a quick glance at the website will show you that the purveyors of this service are nothing like your dowdy Aunt Prudie, so it's almost worthwhile to stop in just to chat with the cute lady behind the counter. (I spoke with Hope, one of the founders of the place.) In addition I saw a turntable behind the counter, so I imagine when the machines start humming, the tunes get cranked. I have no affiliation with Stitch or any of its people, I just thought it was an interesting discovery. I never heard of a sewing lounge. /andrew

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