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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by VMan, Jun 18, 2004.

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    Hey Discostu,

    I would PM this to you, but I recall Steve saying that the PM'ing system is down.

    Anyway, your merchandise looks great, and so do the prices. I'm a student now, and I need to build up a somewhat 'professional' wardrobe - more dress shoes, slacks, shirts, ties, belts, and maybe a suit or two. I believe you said your inventory is low now; how often do you get new items in? I would be interested in purchasing some things from you in the future.

    Also, if I email you, would you be able to give me specific measurments for suits?

    One last question: do you ever get denim brands in such as Diesel, PDC, etc? I noticed you have some Seal Kay - tell you the truth, this was the first time I have heard of the brand, but the styles are nice.
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    sorry i just now saw this. if you want to email at [email protected] that's cool too. go on there and register so that you're on the notification list next time. i get stuff usually end of july first of august, and it takes a little while to photo and inventory everything. once that's done it's a simple click to upload and have it all on the site. mark mid aug and mid/late feb as new stock arrivals on suits the measurements are on the website if you click on the thumbnail it comes to its own page where chest/length/shoulder/sleeve is on there and the drop usually but i can measure something else if you like, no problem. i built my basement into a "store" so it's all at home and easily accessible. don't get diesel, but i get SBU and i really like them. supersoft denim and they fit me pretty well. go on my site and search "SBU". thx

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