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Discomfort due to Quitting Smoking


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Dec 30, 2010
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Choosing the right method to quit smoking is the most challenging part of quitting smoking. There are a number of Methods to quit smoking . One must choose the right method suitable to oneself depending on one's body nature and will power. But whatever be the method, quitting is almost always accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. The occurrence of these withdrawal symptoms varies from person to person depending on their body nature.

Quitters suffer from bad breath or nasty mouth. One should drink lots of water to help flushing the lungs, esophagus, throat, nasal and mouth tissues. The senses of smell and taste will also begin to recover.

Some people also suffer from stomach pain, nausea and constipation. Nausea is very common among quitters. The bowels and intestines begin to adjust to the absence of nicotine. The nausea begins to decrease and comes to manageable levels in 2 weeks. Drinking lots of water reduces the severity of the withdrawal symptoms and also speeds up the transition time. Green leafy vegetables also help reduce the withdrawal symptoms. If the symptoms do not reduce, it might be due to some underlying condition like cancer which should be immediately treated.

The psychological withdrawal symptoms are among the most difficult ones to combat. Some of the symptoms are cravings, urges, yearnings and desires. These primary symptoms lead to secondary symptoms like nervousness, anxiety, irritability, frustration, anger, rage, tension, jitters, shakiness, inability to concentrate etc. The mind gets conditioned to expect nicotine as soon as there is the onset of the withdrawal symptoms. The falling of the nicotine levels compels the quitter to take more nicotine.

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