Different Sferra Sheets: What's the Difference?

Discussion in 'Fine Living, Home, Design & Auto' started by Pylon, Sep 9, 2010.

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    So I think there's probably a solid dozen threads on here about sheets and bedding already. A lot of talk about what's best, and if brands like Frette and Sferra and others are worth the extra money.

    I just bought a set of Wamsutta 778TC Supima Cotton sheets today at Bed Bath and Beyond, and after washing them it feels pretty much like cardboard. Not terribly impressed so far. While I realize sheets will probably get softer with time, these really feel like stiff canvas. They will go back to the store tomorrow.

    After reading pretty much every bedding related thread on SF and not coming to any real conclusions yet (other than, when I have a spare grand to plunk down, I might experiment with some of those linen sheets), but seeing probably the most positive comments collectively for Sferra, I figured I'd give them a try. I really just want some plain white sheets that feel really great.

    So my question is: how do you tell what the difference is among the various Sferra sheets? Even Sferra themselves admit that thread count is really a bad gauge of a sheet's quality, feel, luxuriousness, etc. So are the Sferra Linea Casa sheets any different than the Sferra Celeste? Or the "Luxury Hotel Collection" Sferra sheets?

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    Don't buy online unless you know exactly what you're getting because you've felt them before, and are sure they're the real thing because you trust the merchant (# of ebay sales is a bad metric).

    I bought hotel collection online because my last set of sheets tore and I needed a cheap/fast replacement. My older sheets were very very soft (and quite expensive), but they were probably too fine in retrospect. I wonder if the crappy machine they were washed in contributed to the tearing but i'll never know... Next time i'll get something heavier.

    That said, the only way to tell how they'll feel is to go to a reputable store and touch the fabrics. FWIW, the crappy sheets I bought online felt softer before I washed them the first time. Then they got rougher. I think they do something to fool people to make them feel softer than they are. This isn't the first time i've noticed it.

    Also, it's too easy to slap a label on random sheets and call it sferra online so I don't even want to comment on hotel collection quality. I just know the the supposedly 500tc sheets I have aren't nearly as soft as my old ones. I know the millesimo are really nice (and $$$), but unless you have access to sales you're pretty much stuck paying retail for something like high TC white cotton sheets.

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