Difference between haircloth and hymo?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by oscarthewild, Apr 20, 2006.

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    Difference between haircloth and hymo

    There is an item called "Hair cloth" under the "canvas" heading (item T15-R)

    and there are "Hymo" (which contain goat hair)

    the premade fronts are made from hymo

    Can someone explain the difference between haircloth and hymo? What is the difference in their function?

    I will be travelling to Asia this summer and as many places do not have good canvas, I was planning to take my own. Should I buy the hair cloth or the hymo? Does anyone know how much for a 44" suit? Any opinions on the premade "fronts".

    As always, your comments are much appreciated.


    Edit: I found this thread that I thought had been lost:

    However, should I buy haircloth or hymo for tailoring adventures.
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    Hymo, canvas, and hairvas generally refer to the same thing, a medium-weight canvas used in the construction of coat (jacket) fronts.

    Hair cloth is a much stiffer type of canvas whose weft is made from the manes of horses. It is placed, in a semi-bias direction, on the upper section of the canvas to keep the chest and shoulder firm as well as to control the crease of the revers.

    Some tailors substitute a second layer of canvas in this area rather than using the haircloth.

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