Difference between Alden 405 Indy boot and Jcrew Alden 405 Indy boot

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by sgiridharan, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Nov 13, 2012
    This has probably been covered but I wanted to know the difference between both of these boots. And if you were purchasing an Alden Indy boot would you buy the one from Jcrew or would you buy the non-Jcrew Alden boot?

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    The Alden 403 in Dark Brown Chromexel is the same as the Alden for J.Crew 405. The only minute difference is there is stitching for the heel counter.

    Pull up a photo of the side profile of the boot on TheShoeMart's website and compare it to the photo on J.Crew's website. Look at the heel of the boot - you will see the difference.

    I got my pair from J.Crew with a 25 or 30% discount, but a coupon that works on 3rd party products doesn't happen often.
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    The maximum width available in JCrew's version of the Indy boot is "D". Alden's versions of the Indy boot are available in "E" and "3E" widths. That's the biggest difference I noticed when I was shopping around for them. I have an extra wide foot, so that eliminated the JCrew version for me. I also prefer the 403s to the 405s, which is why I ended up purchasing Alden 403s in 10 C/E (I wear a 10 E/3E in my other Alden shoes). The Indy's are the most comfortable boots I own, but just in case you're wondering, they're definitely not substitutes for dress or even dress casual shoes in an office environment IMO. They're not pure work boots either. I like them best for outdoor activities worn with blue jeans or casual khakis. I think they're a great alternative to wearing Merrell hiking shoes (or something similar).

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