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Didn't win but....

Discussion in 'Entertainment, Culture, and Sports' started by Thracozaag, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Thracozaag

    Thracozaag Senior member

    Aug 24, 2002
    Cygnus X-1
    ****************************************************************** Press Release: 2005 The Seventh International WCH competition ****************************************************************** Seventh International Web Concert Hall competition concluded at 6PM. in June 29th, with the selection of no winners and five honorary mentions award recipients. Seven Honorary Mentions were given to the following performers (alphabetical order): Honorary Mentions Attwood, Koji (Piano) - USA Chiovetta, Fabrizio (Piano) - Swiss / Italian Liu, Yang (Violin) - China Roth, Linus (Violin) - Germany Trio di Pavia (Piano Trio) - Italy 2005 International Web Concert Hall competition drew participants from the USA, Russia, Austria, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Hellenic, Canada, Romania, Hungary, China, South Korea, and Japan. The winners have performed the following: Trio di Pavia (Piano Trio) - Arensky Piano Trio; Roth, Linus (Violin) - Chausson Poem and Ravel Tzigane; Koji Attwood (Piano) - Scarlatti, Chopin, Ravel: Ondine, Scriabin Sonata No.7, and Liszt-Horowitz-Attwood Hungarian Rhapsody #15; Liu, Yang (Violin) - Nielsen Concerto; and Chiovetta, Fabrizio (Piano) - Haydn F minor Variations and Schumann Kreisleriana. "The Web Concert Hall board was very pleased by the quality of the awarded performers and is delighted by the prospect of presenting each winner in the coming months in their own special web broadcast," speaks a board member, Dr. Robert P. Taylor, a professor at Columbia University in New York City. Dr. Taylor continues, "not only will these winners' web broadcasts promote these exceptional artists, they will also embody a primary aim of the Web Concert Hall to preserve and promote musical excellence to some new and very broadly dispersed audiences. We look forward to exploring and exploiting the many exciting possibilities a Web broadcast like this has to offer." Dr. Yoon-il Auh, the founder of the Web Concert Hall and the competition, adds "this is seventh competition we hosted and it is very inspiring for us to discover every year that more and more artists bring the music to audible life at a new and interesting level, who has ability to transmit the composer's musical vision to the listeners. For me, this is the primary and most important function expected from the performers. This is especially apparent in this type of competition format because all participants have an equal opportunity to send their best performance when it was recorded at their convenience. He continues, "for that matter, my hope is, for the performers, this type of events continue to be the main gate for supporting and discovering accomplished classical music performers who deserve recognition for their achievements in the field. It is my hope that the Web Concert Hall will make possible a global appreciation of, and communication concerning, serious music of all kinds." The musical expectation of the Web concert hall committee from the competition's participants is to identify artists their awareness of music they are performing and the sense of musical information they are trying to convey and not limited to skill sets of instrument only. We do this by examining the consistency of their musical expressions, musical ideas, their drawing of musical images, shapes, outlines from their performance and see how individual coordinates and simplifies the work they are presenting to the listeners. The audition was completely conducted via recorded submission in May 2005, and was open to instrumentalists and chamber ensembles, with no age, place of residence, or other restrictions on who could enter. The Web Concert Hall is an organization dedicated to discovering extraordinary musicians, then, via Internet technology, promoting and presenting them to a broader audience than has ever before been possible. Since its first competition in 1999, this event has drawn a large pool of world class talent. The past winners include Enrico Dindo (Cello - Italy), Denis Shapovalov (Cello - Russia), Gwhyneth Chen (Piano - USA), Siqing Lu (Violin - China), Tosheff (Piano Duo-Bulgaria / USA), Paola Bruni and Pasquale Iannone (Piano Duo-Italy), Alexei Soutchkov and Maia Berdieva (Piano Duo - Russia), Antal Szalai (Violin - Hugary), Christophor Miroshnikov (Cello-Russia/Greece), Albert Tiu (Piano - Philippine), and Petronel Malan (Piano - South Africa). The International Web Concert Hall Audition is the first of its kind in classical music to hold such events at the global level taking advantage of such communications technology. And "we are proud to do so now that technology has advanced enough to be useful in such support of classical music," speaks Steve Albanese, Executive Program Coordinator of the Web Concert Hall. For more information, email to webconcerthall@usa.com or write to: Web Concert Hall Box 318 Mount Pleasant, MI 48804-0318 U.S.A. or visit: www.webconcerthall.com koji
  2. T4phage

    T4phage Senior member

    Nov 12, 2003
    Hey, Congrats Koji.. [​IMG]
  3. bachbeet

    bachbeet Senior member

    May 3, 2005
    San Diego
    Koji: Good job. I've heard some of the pieces mentioned and not heard others.

    BTW, did you ever explain your nick - Thracozaag? I can't figure it out.

    P.S. Right now, listening to Radioio classical - Beethoven's Emperor concerto.
  4. PHV

    PHV Senior member

    Sep 23, 2004
    Koji, they didn't select anyone to place period? Or just no 1st place? That happens in Tchaikovsky, but never seen no one place in a competition.

    Were you happy with the performance?

    I see that a past winner is Antal Szalai. He got absolutely ROBBED this year in QEII.... didn't even place when many thought he was going to win.
  5. scnupe7

    scnupe7 Senior member

    Mar 19, 2002
    Washington, DC
    Congrats Koji. What did you wear?

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