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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Shirtmaven, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Last night while shopping in my local supermarket in NYC, I passed a 20ish Jr. investment banker type. He was wearing suit pants and a dress shirt. As I often do. I took a look at his shirt. Everything about it seemed wrong. I am not even referring to the fit which was way too big. The fabric was an uneven multi-stripe with a fair amount of white. The pattern was not British looking nor too sporty. The shirt had a white collar, self fabric one button cuff(not white) and a pocket. I am not sure what the designer of this shirt was even thinking. IMHO a shirt with a white collar should also have white cuffs. French cuffs and not a button cuff. I make plenty of shirts with pockets, but I usually try to talk people out of pockets on very dressy shirts. The white Collar did not really work on this  fabric. White collars and cuffs look best on close stripes with out too much white in the body. Many times the white of the collar and cuffs is a different shade from the white in the body. No need to call attention to that fact. WC/WC also works best on solid broadcloth fabrics, End on end, or hairline. WC/WC looks awful on solid pinpoint oxford or Royal oxfords. even if a white version of the same texture is used. wc/wc look is coming back. Just make sure it looks right and not like you slapped new white collars and cuffs on any old shirt. I acutally like the Morley Safer look. Bold checks.  Though not every one can pull that look off. Carl
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    I have a blue/white striped T&A shirt with both a white collar and white barrel cuffs, do you think it is generally inappropriate to not have french cuffs on a contrasting collar shirt?

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