Detailing choices in a classic dark navy summer weight blazer

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    I haven't found a lot of closeup pictures and discussions on this topic and wanted to take a quick poll.

    I am helping a younger friend (early 30s) with his first tailored blazer. It is intended to be lighter weight, usable as a summer blazer (even in the hot tropics), classic dark navy, single breasted 3 roll 2, relatively formal complete with classic brass buttons but can be dressed down.

    1) lining: full, half or quarter?

    2) pockets: 3 patch, welt + patch side, welt + flap side, welt + jetted side?

    3) fabric: lighter smooth serge, lighter hopsack, or lighter fresco that is visibly textured? (friend claims his lady friends prefer a smooth, suit fabric type look!)

    4) shoulder: soft shirt shoulder or more structured? (guy already has fairly broad and firm shoulders)

    Descriptions of past successful projects along these lines and pictures of your favorites would be appreciated!
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