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Deeply Discounted Black Fleece, Thom Browne, and Brooks Brothers Shirts

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by Steve Smith, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Senior member

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    Feb 5, 2008
    Price includes US shipping. No discounts for multiple item purchase. Some have flaws, others are first quality. Read the descriptions. Mill flaws are imperfections in the weave of the fabric. They tend to blend in and become less noticeable with age and washing. Don't grind me on these prices.

    Blue Supima OCBD. Faint mill flaw on front. 14.5-32 Slim. $35.***SOLD***
    Blue w Contrast Collar, Button Sleeves are Blue. No flaw. 14.5-33 Trad. $30.

    BB Country Club Prosport LS workout shirts. Navy Blue. First quality. First photo is TTC.
    Small, P2P 18.75. $35.
    Medium P2P 21. $35.

    Red University Stripe USA Supima, minor mill flaw on front. 15-33.5. $35.
    White Non-Iron, slight shelf dust smudges around collar. 15.5-34 Slim. $32.***SOLD***
    Lavender w Blue/White Stripe Non-Iron. No problems. 16-34 Trad. $35.

    White w Blue Check Egyptian Cotton. Cut on inner placket at collar seam. 15.5-31 Slim. $32.
    Lavender Graph Check Egyptian. Very faint spot stain on front. Will never be noticed and will probably wash out. 15.5-32 Slim. $34.**SOLD**
    White Supima OCBD. Slight horizontal mark will probably wash out. 15.5-32 Slim. $35.***SOLD***
    White w Multicolor Stripe Egyptian Cotton Spread Collar. No flaw. 15.5-34 Regular (which is a slimmer cut) Look at the BB Size Chart. $30.
    Blue Supima OCBD. Mill flaw at bottom of shirt tail. Not pictured in group shot but last photo is of the mill flaw. 15.5-35 Trad Fit. $32.

    White w Blue Stripes Golden Fleece, slight yellowing from sun on front. $195 retail tag. 16-32. $35.
    Pink Supima OCBD, wrinkled. 16-33 Slim. $35.***SOLD***
    White/Black Gingham. 16-33 Extra Slim. $38.***SOLD***

    White Pinpoint. P2P 22.5. 16-33.5. $35***SOLD***
    White Supima Non-Iron, wrinkled. 16-34 Slim. $35.
    White Non-Iron Pinpoint, has been washed, faint gray stain along bottom of pocket. Free if you buy any two other shirts in this thread or my others. 16-34 Slim. $0.***SOLD***

    Blue/White Fine Stripe Egyptian FC. Faint horizontal mill flaw across back. 16-33 Regular. $32.
    Blue Supima OCBD. Minor mill flaw on front about 4 inches below level of bottom button. 16-33 Extra Slim. $35.***SOLD***
    White Supima OCBD. Minor mill flaw near rt collar. 16-34 Extra Slim. $34.***SOLD***

    Blue Pinpoint Non Iron, shelf dust smudges around collar should wash out easily. 16-36 Slim. $32.
    White w Stripes Non-Iron, faint mark near label. 16-36/37 Slim. $34.
    White Egyptian Cotton FC, slightly wrinkled. 16-36 $35.***SOLD***

    Blue Narrow Stripe Egyptian. Mill Flaw across tail in back, will not show when tucked. 16.5-35 Slim. $34.***SOLD***
    Blue Supima OCBD. Mill flaw on front, even with bottom button. Will not show when tucked. 16.5-37 Extra Slim. $34.

    White w Blue Check Non-Iron. 16.5-32 Trad. $35
    Blue Pinpoint Non-Iron 17-36 Extra Slim. $35.

    White w gray/red Graph Check Pin Collar Egyptian Cotton. 17.5-33. $28.
    Blue Supima OCBD, minor mill flaw on front. 17.5-33 Trad. $34.
    Pink Royal Oxford Non-Iron, a few dust smudges will wash out. 17.5-35 Slim. $32.***SOLD***

    BB Country Club Blue/White Check Egyptian Cotton. XL/L. 18-37. $36.
    Lavender Supima OCBD. P2P 25. 18-37. XL Extra Slim. $36.


    TB Pink OCBD w White Stripes on sleeve. Minor mill flaw on left shoulder. TB1. $75.***SOLD***
    TB Pink OCBD w White Stripes on sleeve. Tiny cut on back of sleeve seam. TB2. $65.***SOLD***
    TB Flannel Gray Red White Blue Stripe Club Collar BD. Tiny cut near cuff seam. TB3. $65.***SOLD***

    Heather Greenish Lt Tan Thom Browne LS. Small hole on back of yoke. TB2. $52.***SOLD***
    BF Blue End on End with mill flaw on front. BB0. $36.***SOLD***
    BF Blue End on End with mill flaw on sleeve. BB1. $36.***SOLD***
    White w Gray Triple Stripe OCBD. The yoke fabric is oriented the wrong way (rotated 90 degrees when cut). BB00. $42.***SOLD***

    BF White/Blue Double Check Broadcloth. Small cut at pocket seam. BB0 $29.***SOLD***
    BF Powder Blue w White Stripe End on End FC. Small mill flaw on front of shirt. BB2. $39***SOLD***

    BF Checked Spread Collar. BB4. Small cut near left shoulder seam in front. $30.***SOLD***

    Jack Spade Red University Stripe OCBD. 15.5-33.5. $55>>>$50***SOLD***. 3/8 inch cut .25 inches up from bottom of shirt tail.

    Thom Browne Black/Red/White/Blue Flannel, Damage to fabric near exterior tag. TB0. $55.***SOLD***
    Thom Browne Black/Red/White/Blue Flannel. Rt collar button pulled through fabric. Collar will cover repaired area, extra button included. TB2. $55.****SOLD***

    Black Fleece Blue End on End Spread Collar. BB1 Mill flaw and .25 in cut on one are (cut at seam) plus mill flaw on back. BB1. $28.***SOLD***
    Black Fleece Blue End on End Spread Collar. Mill flaw below bottom button on front. BB3. $42.***SOLD***

    White w Gray Triple Stripe OCBD. Improper orientation of stripes on yoke, compare to the shirt beside it. BB00. $42.***SOLD***
    White w Gray Triple Stripe OCBD. Mill flaw on left front. BB2. $40.***SOLD***

    BF White/Navy/Yellow/Green Broadcloth Buttondown. BB1, BB2, BB3, BB4, BB5. $38.***SOLD***
    BF Gray OCBD, Small hole on left sleeve near shoulder. BB1. $42.***SOLD***

    BB Black Fleece Gray OCBD. Small snag/hole on rt front. BB0. $38.***SOLD***
    BB Black Fleece Blue End on End Spread Collar. Two mill flaws on back. The mill flaws will become less visible with washing. BB3. $40.***SOLD***

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