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Cutaway collared shirts

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Yosarian77, May 5, 2004.

  1. Yosarian77

    Yosarian77 Well-Known Member

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    Mar 16, 2003
    Hi folks. I am interested in buying some cutaway collar shirts. I haven't seen too many of them in the US, and wanted to know if anybody had any idea where I might be able to purchase some? I live in Atlanta (not NY), so department stores will likely be my option. I don't mind going the RTW route and could consider a MTM option as well. Also, any internet sites you all know about? I don't want to order from Pink, though I know they're an option.

    I would like to spend between $150-$200USD/shirt.


  2. discostu004

    discostu004 Affiliate vendor

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    Apr 5, 2004
    7,908 Feet, Colorado
    if you go to a nice store a lot of times they offer MTM and it's not that bad. in my town here we have a store that carries brioni, oxxford etc and they do MTM and i have had some made around the 125 range w/ the collars and cuffs i want. you can spend more or less than that but that was the lower end of the mid range.

  3. imageWIS

    imageWIS Senior member

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    Apr 19, 2004
    New York City / Buenos Aires
    I have run into this problem before, and in South Florida we are little better off than in Atlanta when it comes to cutaways / shark-fin collars. There are several routes you can try; some might be a bit above your price point though. There is the MTM route through the department stores: MTM Ralph Lauren Purple Label @ Polo Ralph Lauren stores (made by Lorenzini, so one of the4 best {if not the best} machine-made shirt), which starts at around $325. The pattern book does not have too many selections to choose from, the shirts are manufactured very much in the English style: split-yokes, matching patterns, and bold patterns. MTM Turnbull & Asser at Neiman Marcus, also starting at around $325. Whilst, I have read many posts on this and other forums regarding T&A, such as quality issues with the buttons and other concerns, rest assured that MTM and bespoke is a completely different world from RTW shirts. They will match lines / patterns per your request, they have at least one cutaway collar (although the NYC store should be able to make any collar style), and they have an unbelievable selection of materials to choose from. Then there is the MTM route via online: The only online MTM company I would probably suggest, as per reading different forums is http://www.jantzentailor.com/. For the money ($38), I don't think you can get a better deal. They have tons of collar options and let you choose the type of buttons too. Plus, no minimum order is definitely a plus. I have yet to order a shirt from them, but am planning to do so soon. RTW online: Hilditch and Key has shirts on sale (Sale by Mail) on their website (and also through a catalogue) they are about (depending on the Dollar to Pound ratio) $150 (or less? I can't recall). They have a minimum order of three, but they are really worth the money. Single needle stitching throughout, matching patterns (I think the only company on Jermyn street that has matching patterns on RTW shirts), real shell buttons. I am incredibly happy with my H&K shirts. RTW: RLPL with the Windsor (spread) or Keaton (shark-fin), when it comes on sale will be down at least 40% of its original price; they range from $265 - $295. I think that's about it, I know its not a lot to choose from, but I guess it better than nothing. Jon.

  4. gregory

    gregory Senior member

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    Feb 6, 2004
    www.charlestyrwhitt.com Charles Tyrwhitt cut-away shirts come in nice fabrics, and brass collar stays, although no pearl buttons and pattern matching. They are good value for money.

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