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Custom Men, LLC or Bespoke Fit, LLC in New York City - BEWARE and AVOID!


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Apr 8, 2013
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I didn't find much about these two, or actually one, company in a prior search but I decided to give them a try to see what they were all about. Well, BUYER BEWARE. There is a big racket going on here, complete with false advertisements, bait and switches, the whole nine yards.

There is so much to discuss, but I will give bullet points of reasons why you should never go to this seedy company.

  • First, don't bother answering one of their Groupon deals, they are only there to get you into their offices. None of what is on the Groupon can be taken with any accuracy. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT purchase the Groupon online. I was lucky I did not because I would have been in the position of a lot of others where you pay your money to get one thing, only to arrive and realize that you aren't going to get what you paid for, and you're not going to get a refund. But they will allow you to add more money to what you paid to Groupon in order to "get" what you actually wanted.
  • Second, don't take anything they say on their website with any confidence either. On one site Custom Men they state that their suits are made in NY, only to find out that they are made in China. Now, I'm not naïve in the least, and I know to get the price point to a lower level things are almost always sent to Asia. I don't mind that, but having it expressly told to you that the garment is made here when it's not is fraudulent.
  • Third, Custom Men, and Bespoke Fit are the same company with different websites. If you want a "bespoke" suit you will need to make sure that you are dealing with Bespoke Fit, except it's impossible to know which one because they don't tell you until it's convenient for them. Also, they have no receipts or letterhead stating that they are Bespoke Fit, so anything you fill out with your measurements will on their "Custom Men" labeled materials. Which may not seem like a big deal, until you are expecting your first fitting to be a basted fitting. When you arrive for this fitting, they will present you with a finished suit, except maybe the cuffs may not have the buttons in them, or the hem of the pants may be unfinished. But there is no basted fitting. So when you challenge them on this point they will state that you didn't purchase a Bespoke Fit suit, but a Custom Men suit, and that only Bespoke Fit suits have a basted fitting. Confused yet? Yeah... I know.
  • So when you say I told you I wanted a Bespoke suit with a basted fitting, and I see on your website (www.bespokefit.com) pictures of basted fittings, they will say well your receipt and envelope we gave you says Custom Men and that Custom Men suits don't have basted fittings. The only problem... They only have Custom Men receipts and letterhead, so they are able to say this whenever it's convenient, and it's incredibly dishonest.
  • Not to mention that their Bespoke Fit websites touts that they have a full money back guarantee on their suits if the fit is not to your liking, but if you bring this up all "heck" will break loose and they will promptly point you to the bottom of their "Custom Men" receipt where it says in small print that refunds are not given. Again, I'm not naïve, and know that many custom shops do not offer these types of guarantees because of the types of products (custom products) that may not be sold to anyone else. The problem I have is many people not knowing about the quality of the work may not go to this place until they see that they can in fact get their money back if they are unhappy... HOWEVER, this is not the case. You won't get your money back because they will say that you signed a Custom Men receipt, that doesn't grant refunds. Even though you came to their offices through their Bespoke Fit website., and even through their "Bespoke Fit" emblazoned door.

You should in fact avoid this company at all costs, they are liars, and play dumb when you have a complaint or concern. They also don't want their customers to know anything about suits. I bring this up because I had my first try on and the suit was horrendous. Even though the suit was completely finished except for the hem of the pants and jacket cuffs, I gave the benefit of the doubt and at least tried it on to see how it would look. I looked nothing like a suit that was made for me. The coat swallowed me, and the pants had so much bunching and wrinkling I didn't even know where to begin.

Sorry that this is very long, but hopefully it will help someone out there avoid this place at all costs. Luckily I only paid partial on my suit, and should be able to get the rest back through the bank.

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