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Cuff size vs. Sleeve length insight


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Nov 8, 2010
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I used to wear BR shirts with the huge cuffs that ended up swallowing my hands. Was excited for my first MTM shirt that would finally fit correctly. I measured sleeve length exactly but after getting the shirt I realized I should have added in a few inches. It turns out it is the smaller cuff size that keeps the sleeves up off the hands. Obviously if you use the exact length you will show a lot of wrist every time you raise your arm. When you measure your neck they always say to add 0.5-1 inch but I haven't seen this mentioned before for sleeve length.


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Nov 3, 2010
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My first bespoke shirts came with an exact sleeve length and snug cuffs. The shirtmaker even allowed for the rather thick watch I then wore. The snug sleeve is what kept the sleeve from riding up too high when I moved, stretched, etc. Unfortunately once the snug cuffs cinched themselves to my forearm they stayed there until I yanked them down. I also learned that I can't abide snug cuffs. My solution was to have him add about a ½" to the cuff and 1" to 1½" to the length of the sleeve. I suspect this needs to be adjusted depending upon the size of the man, with larger men requiring more sleeve length and smaller men less. I don't mind the slight blousing of the sleeve at the cuff when my jacket is off and arms down. The cuffs are still sufficiently snug to prevent them from sliding down onto my hand when my arms are at rest, but loose enough to allow the cuff to slide back into place when I lower my arms.

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