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Cover Coat help/suggestions


Oct 6, 2008
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I am considering purchasing a covert coat as a general purpose overcoat. I need an overcoat that I can wear with a number of different outfits: wool trousers, cotton dress shirt and dress shoes (standard outfit for work), a suit with or without a tie, or dressed down with jeans and dress shirt/sweater combo. I also need a versatile overcoat that I can wear in the fall/spring and during "warmer" days in winter. I live in Calgary (Canada) and winter temperatures can get pretty low, but they generally hover around 20 degrees fahrenheit. After some research I believe a covert coat would be appropriate. I also like the style of the coats.

I'm currently considering the covert coats from TM Lewin (approx. $300 CDN) and Charles Tyrwhitt (approx. $400 CDN). I was hoping some of you could answer a couple of questions:

1) Would you recommend the TM Lewin or the Charles Tyrwhitt covert coat? Why? I'm leaning towards the TM Lewin for 2 reasons: lower cost and no velvet collar (not sure if the velvet collar would look as good dressed down with jeans). Thoughts?

2) What "weight" are these coats - i.e. 14 oz.? Are these made of the traditional covert (twill) fabric or some other wool?

3) What temperature would you consider too cold to wear these coats?

4) Do you think they are versatile enough to wear dressed up (i.e suit) and dressed down (i.e. jeans)?

5) If purchasing a single coat, what color would be most versatile? CT sells charcoal and fawn (with velvet collar)) while Lewin sells beige (sans velvet collar).

6) Are these coats cut with a slimmer silhouette or are they boxier?

7) Would you recommend buying your usual suit size (42r in my case) or would you size up/down? (Please provide the coat measurements if you know them.)

I realize I've asked quite a few questions. I'm simply looking to solicit some general feedback on these coats to help make a decision.

As a point, I have looked at other manufacturers (i.e. Cordings, New & Lingwood) but they are 2-3 times the cost and I'm not really interested in spending that much - although I'd consider it if the quality is really that much better.

Thanks in advance!



Affiliate Vendor
Affiliate Vendor
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Jun 9, 2005
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1) and 2) I'm not familiar with the TML but I've had the CT for a few years and it is quite light weight - somewhere between winter suiting and overcoat fabric weights.
3) it really depends on the rest of the outfit but it's not really warm.
4) yes
5) beige/fawn more versatile IMO if you are planning on wearing with jeans too
6) the CT I have is not very slim but not boxy either. It's cut to accomodate a suit underneath
7) depends on whether you plan to wear on top of a suit/sport coat. If yes, usual size. If not, consider sizing down


Stylish Dinosaur
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Apr 21, 2005
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I also have the CT coat. I like it, but the cut isn't ideal for me. The shoulders are broad enough to accomodate a suit/coat underneath, but the body runs a bit slim for that. I can button it, but the effect is a bit more snug than I'd like. I probably should have sized up to a 40, but liked the slimmer cut for casual purposes.

As gld said, it's not a cold-weather coat. I wear mine mostly in the fall, and on balmier days in the winter.

As far as the velvet collar, I love mine and would not consider a covert coat without one.

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