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    Was unsure where to put this question,

    However, I have been accepted to a grad program at the LSE and would be moving to London from Washington DC if I go. I just had some questions about living there since I saw no specific London thread. I've studied abroad in the UK for a summer before in college, but haven't lived in London for any serious amount of time.

    1. Just how bad is the cost of living in Central London? I am coming from the Wash DC area which exactly doesn't fit the definition of "low cost of living"at all by US standards. How much more is it in London? The sheer shock of the cost though could be somewhat defrayed though as I'll be living in student accommodation.

    2. Whats the social scene like for a postgrad student in London on Fridays/the weekends?

    3. What should I wear day to day in London?[​IMG]

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    The biggest cost is accommodation. Property prices and rents are phenomenally high. However, if you're going to have accommodation provided that won't be a problem. Food etc isn't expensive, unless you'll be frequenting top end and touristy places. Wear whatever you like. London is a modern western European city, so wear modern western clothes.

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