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Jan 5, 2011
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Hey guys haven't been able to find an answer to this question, everyone seems to think something different. I own a pair of Buttero sneakers in size 41, they stretched out and are a little loose on me (suede ones). I just picked up a pair of Common Projects Achilles lows in white in a size 41.
On first try on they seemed to for just right. After wearing them around they are killing my heels and my slightly larger foot they are hurting the sides of my toes, not my big toe or front, just the side on the outside of the sneaker.
I was told to order the ones that fit snug since they would stretch out with wear, just wondering if that's true and I should just fight through the pain and stretch these out or sell them and buy a 42.

Sizing reference:
Buttero: 41 (slightly big)
Carmina Detroit last: 8.5uk (slightly big)
Sperry: 9.5
Nike free 5.0: 9.5 (slightly small)

im eddie

Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
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I was told to size down for CP lows, and it was a bad idea. The shoes were unbearably tight. I kept them and been wearing a pair sized down for about a year now and the leather stretched out and they are one of the most comfortable shoes I've worn. I still suggest getting your size and avoid sizing down if you don't have a thin foot. I have a thicker foot and the silhouette and shape of my CP are not as intended when I sized down. Still the shoes have length to spare at a 41 when I am US 9, but still I would get a size 42 on my next pair. Also the one of the eyelets gave out and my lace ripped through when it got caught on a chain link when I was walking my dog, I suspect it happened cause they were too tight to begin with.


Jul 12, 2009
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Same experience here.

I bought a pair of 2013 white achilles low size 41. The fit is snug, but it's killing my heel.

I used to own a pair of 2008 achilles low in size 42, which fit me perfectly.

Then, I bought a 2013 Achilles low in 42 and I was surprised that it was too big for me, lengthwise.

I sold that pair and got the white achilles mentioned above in size 41. Snug, but painful in the heel.

I hope these will stretch out. I have worn them around 15 times and still the heel pain is there.


Distinguished Member
Sep 1, 2011
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My measured size would be about an 8.75 US. I take a 42 in most euro brands. 9D in Allen Edmonds (8.5 in wider lasts). 8.5 in Alden LHR, 8UK in Trickers, 9.5 in Asics, 41 in Buttero.

For me, 41 is the right size. Length was perfect and width required just a little stretch on my wider foot. These shoes seem to require some breaking in for a perfect fit. No big deal. Better to suffer some brief discomfort for years of perfection, than brief comfort for years of sloppy fit.
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