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Comfortable, durable, and stylish boots for very long walks


Senior Member
Jan 26, 2008
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Happy New Year everyone.

I need to buy a new pair of boots, and was looking for some suggestions. I'm a grad student again these days doing a year of research abroad, so on a bit of a budget, and have been trying to walk as much as possible to make up for not having a gym membership.

I'm in Paris these days, and have been walking everywhere, and have worn my English-made 8-eyelet Doc Martens to death. I admittedly wear the same shoes every day since my low tops don't give my ankles much support (been having problems with sprains), but the layers of leather inside around the heel are just falling off in chunks now.

I'm looking for some comfortable shoes that are durable, yet look nice. Being able to dress them up or down is important. I won't wear them with suits, but would like to be able to wear them out in the evening with jeans and a blazer. I'm also moving on to Moscow in March, so need something that will deal well with snowy/icy surfaces (leather soles are out).

Any good options for under $300?? I can pick something up in Paris or wait till I'm back in the US briefly in two weeks. I've been wearing Docs since high school and like the look.. they just aren't holding up though, as I'm putting in 10+ miles some days.


Saucy White Boy
May 27, 2008
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Tricker's Stowe, or similar offerings from Alfred Sargent. Crockett and Jones have several options that meet your requirements, but quite a bit more than $300.

Michigan Planner

Distinguished Member
Jan 18, 2010
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They are probably a bit too casual for you (but maybe not depending on your style) but I have a pair of the Katahdin Engineer Boots from LL Bean that are very comfortable for long periods of time and will hold up well. I wouldn't wear them with a suit, but they are acceptable with cords, chinos, and of course jeans. When the weather is poor and I'm in and out of the office all day, I also have worn them with my flannel dress pants on occasion.

Of course, this is Detroit so I can probably get away with a lot more than what you might be able to in Paris, so YMMV...


Senior Member
Oct 22, 2010
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Wearing one pair of shoes every day is tough on the inside. From what I've learned here, you can't really protect the _inside_ of your shoe with polish/etc. Sweat gets on them and if they aren't properly dried out, they will die from the inside. It sounds like that happened to yours.

Consider two cheaper pairs of boots and rotating them with trees.

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