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    I am fascinated with the concept of urban performance gear, but I haven't found any brands that design for the street scene as a whole.

    There are lots of streetwear brands (the skate board/culture is on the forefront), outdoors/mountain brands, high-end fashion brands, as well as the huge sport brands...but who is fusing all of these branches to design strictly for extreme urban street sports/arts (parkour, buildering (structure climbing), Street skiing, urban cycling, skating, street art, street dance, urban exploration, rooftoppers, guerrilla gardeners etc...)

    Board culture and outdoor fitness have made moves in this direction...Performance denim is a good start, Flat board shoes and fashion sneakers are stylish and good for a board, but don't help you when you want to run, and will mess your feet up in the long the board culture clothing is restricted to skate/surf/ski- and clothing for a younger less professional generation. Fashion and sport brands have to stick to their market- Big companies like Nike and such may be making a push especially with their hip hop connection, but who's really designing for the street scene as a whole?

    I'm hoping for insights, examples, and discussion! As a designer who works closely with parkour athletes, I think there may be a market for something new and possibly revolutionary...

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