(Church's Clyde) Help me find suede shoes just like these

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by PeterEliot, Apr 13, 2016.

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    I really, really enjoy the Clyde model from Church's. Just look at the pictures. Handsome animal, isn't it?

    After three years of frequent wear, mine is about to give up its ghost. So I understand why people gripe about Church's quality these days. But I still love this design. Unfortunately Church's no longer makes it. I need a replacement.

    I am looking for the following features:

    (1) Dark brown suede
    (2) Blucher (derby), not Oxford
    (3) No broguing, no wing tip, no straight tip
    (4) Split toe or U tip is acceptable, although I prefer the clean look of the Clyde
    (5) The tip should be neither pointy nor overly round. Again, just like the Clyde in the photos.
    (6) Must be understated, must go effortlessly with jeans and slacks and chinos.

    Help me out please!

    Budget: Up to $600. (But if you know something pricier, tell me.)

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