Chippewa Sizing Help/QC Advice Needed!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by brockenspectral, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Aug 20, 2016

    I'm in the market for new boots (My last pair of UK-made Docs served me well for 3+ years but have torn seams in the back. Ergh). I'm looking for something durable with good tread (Hikes, rain, and snow are definitely in these boots future), somewhat fasionable, and at a reasonable cost. From what I've read, Chippewa seems right up my alley.

    ***But I've heard they run a half a size to a full size (and even 2 to a few reviewers) too large so I'd definitely appreciate some help w/r/t sizing. I'm usually a size 9.5 Converse. The last pair of Docs I wore were a US size 10. I believe width is E. (If it helps, slightly over 10" in length and around 4.25" in width. Self-measurement)

    I'm overseas and can't really check out retailers (retailers around here don't really carry many boots except Docs. Also, I haven't seen any Braddock devices in the shoe stores), so I could really use some sizing help. I'll be getting some Chippewas shipped in and I'd rather not have to ship them back due to shipping costs. I suppose I could get another pair of locally-made boots and have them tear apart and the sole separate within a matter of months again...

    ***Also, the boots I'm looking at- Chippewas 8" Apache Boots has, while in the minority, some disturbing reviews- that the soles are falling off within a few months- the majority of which were made within the past year. Is this a sign of a QC control issue with this line of boots? I plan on wearing these somewhat frequently so ....

    The 6" Apaches don't seem to have these issues (or rather, the number of recent complaints about this issue are much lower). What gives? Like they're made from the same manufacturer... Should I go with these for peace of mind?

    I'd love a pair of the Chippewa Cordovan Service Boots, but maybe when they're on sale (and have my size).

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