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Chelsea boot recommendation


New Member
Sep 21, 2018
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Long time lurker first time poster here. Have a formal coming up so need a nice pair of Chelsea boots to go with a charcoal suit. However, I also want to wear them casually with jeans (black or light blue), so I was wondering, whats the best color/style for my situation? I was thinking of something in the lines of this:
Examples would be appreciated.


Senior Member
Jun 19, 2015
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I am not at all familiar with that brand but I notice that some new members come around asking about them from time to time. I can only conclude that that company is doing some things that get new people interested in, and posting about, apparel and footwear on this forum.

As for the style: you linked to faux suede. If you have ethical opposition to the use of animal hides I am in a poor position to help you. Others will have to come along and help out who know more about this area.

If you are not opposed to animal hides: Suede is a lovely style but my brief time in the UK (I assume that you are in the UK based on your link) convinced me that wearing suede shoes is a chancy proposition. I would suggest you count your rainy days and consider a nice leather before deciding. On the high end I think Edward Green makes a Chelsea with great lines. The dark oak color they offer is versatile (the 'no brown in town' rule is begging to be broken IMO). On the medium end, both Grenson and Tricker's have some great tan/brown Chelsea options as well as black. I own shoes from all three of these makers and I can assure that each is a sound (but different) value equation. All of these makers offer suede as well (possibly seasonally). I don't list ANY shoes on the low end, because cheap shoes can only cause heartache and pain and I would not wish that upon you.

Now you used the term "formal". If you are using this term as in a 'formal occasion' like I use it (an aged American professional) suede in a Chelsea would be one of my last choices. If you are using this term as a student then I think you would be granted a lot of leeway in terms of what you wear - black suede boots would probably see you better dressed that many. The exuberance of youth grants young people wide grace in terms of bending style rules. If you are a student on a budget of some kind, with access to Northampton UK there are factory sale options for accessing great shoes at great prices.

I apologize for not knowing about faux leathers and brands to who specialize in them. This is something well beyond my knowledge. If my assumption about your geographic location was incorrect then my brands would change accordingly.

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