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CDGH+ Cotton/Poly Cut-Away Blazer sz. M

Discussion in '2011-2017 Streetwear' started by spacepope, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. spacepope

    spacepope Senior member

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    Oct 8, 2011
    Bough from Shah/Zapatiste about a year ago––worn lots but besides some pilling it's in great condition. Really solid construction. Just don't wear in anymore and I have waaaaay too much light outerwear. All pics are Zapatiste's except for two of my fit pics. If you like I can provide other pictures but I get shit lighting in my house.

    Cotton/Poly blend with a bit of stretch. Sound cheap? IT'S NOT. Four of those melted caramel CDG buttons, two exterior flap pockets. Lapels looks great standing or folded down. Nice cut-away effect to show off layering. Lined through the arms with gray cotton, which pokes out a little around the cuffs for an extended effect. Compared to current CDGH+ offerings this fits a little larger, though I wouldn't recommend this for anyone larger than a standard 48 as it looks better a little looser (at least I think so). I can provide measurements, but I don't think its the kind of jacket that you really need to worry. Works with everything––appropriate layering will get you through fall, winter, AND spring wow. Basically the perfect casual blazer with a little bit of CDG oomph.

    I ship free US, can get quote for international. Paypal with 4%. Feel free to PM with questions.

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