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    I love the accents in the last pic.
    @Dino944 you are a member i have come to enjoy bantering with. but i haven't seen you in the DIY thread.
    so this is how the car looks after i polished it up. and repaired broken suspension components.
    frontcelsior.jpg rear celsior.jpg
    you can see the front needs to be lowered a bit. ah, air suspension. calibrating it is a job for next week.

    the paint is supposed to be redone with the stock Piano Black/flake upper, custom grey/or satin black lower.

    Gucci? not sure how far to go with it. but i want the car to look mildly modified. so just door trim inserts. and maybe seat inserts. as part of the stock trim. hoping white lace "half seat covers" like in the Emperors car, will bridge the gap between old man's car, and whaaaaat??!!

    i know you understand. the balance of customizing a car tastefully is a challenge.

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