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    Jean Count

    This thread is a blast from the past – back to those halcyon days when StyleForum was nothing more than a place to post whatever random clothing you happened to throw on that day. Back when nobody owned a Ferrari, Brioni only cost five figures, and when bespoke was a mystical, unreachable nirvana that required extensive international travel. When people still posted simple descriptions of their clothing, and pictures were anything but the norm. And posed shots? No way.

    Eastern Mysticism

    Hong Kong bespoke tailoring has a certain negative connotation, born out of shady looking “tailors” that sell a dozen bespoke suits for $75 a piece. Not what you want to see. Luckily, amid the sea of garbage, there’s actually several good tailors out there, and this thread catalogues several posters (expats, visitors and natives) trying to track them down.


    This thread is about cars. Some posters own very expensive cars. Some do not. But they’re all cars!

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