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Careful with buying from the classifieds

Jim Price

New Member
Jul 11, 2019
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Buyer beware! We have all heard this advise but sometimes we forget. Styleforum is a great website I found while looking to upscale my suite wardrobe. Lots of great advise regarding current men's fashion along with photos. I was really excited and bought my first suit from Styleforum's classifieds last week without remembering - "Buyer Beware". There are still a lot of unscrupulous sellers out there just waiting for some trusting soul to come along. In my case, the seller did not disclose that the suit was a "Modern Cut" or that he had a "No Return" policy. Now I have a suit so small that it can't be altered to fit, an anonymous seller (Shinner23) that could care less and I am out $275. I did receive some great advise from the seller though; just put it on eBay and sell it. Understand, I do not hold Styleform responsible for sellers on their website but buyer beware if you purchase from their classifieds ads.


Distinguished Member
Mar 23, 2007
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Why would you think a seller accepts returns without saying so?


Distinguished Member
Dec 12, 2009
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The classifieds are a peer to peer selling platform, not an e-commerce undertaking. Why would there be returns short of gross misconduct, e.g. selling a fake product?

As for your other qualm, "modern fit" is a marketing term. What constitutes modern? How does one quantify it? Were measurements given if requested?

I've bought stuff on here that didn't work and went onto reselling it because it didn't work out. Sometimes I lost money. Sometimes I made money. That goes with the territory.


Mahatma Jawndi
Dubiously Honored
Apr 10, 2011
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I assume the OP is new to buying clothes on the forum, so it doesn't seem that unreasonable to not know about the unwritten rules.

To the OP, as others have said, everything here is final sale unless something egregious happened (e.g. the item was damaged in transit). In the future, you may want to ask for measurements, assuming you didn't already with this purchase. Here's a link that may be useful.

Compare these measurements to your best fitting garment.

To be honest, I think buying tailored clothing off B&S can be a dicey game because clothes are a lot more than just those measurements. Even two garments with the same measurements may not fit the same depending on their construction. Unless you're familiar with the suitmaker and model, you're always taking a chance. That said, some people like the system because it allows them to save a little money.

Suitsupply is a pretty popular brand. You should be able to offload that on eBay for not much less than what you paid. Maybe minus a hundred bucks, I suppose.
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