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Cappuccino Conundrum: Pre-Dry Cleaning stain treatment?


Senior Member
Dec 29, 2010
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Being the dexterous genius that I am at 8 AM before I've had any caffeine, I decided this morning that I didn't need that lid on my cappuccino; being a well-made cappuccino, it wasn't large, and it wasn't scorched, so I could drink it pretty quickly, certainly in the two blocks to the bus.

But of course, I proceeded to bounce a third of it down the front of my jacket and pants.

Now, I can only imagine coffee + hot milk is a bitch to get out. Said stain has set for 8 hours while I was at work, no dry cleaners are going to do anything about it tonight, and most are closed on Sunday, so my bet bet is to spend tomorrow morning looking for a one-day turnaround cleaners that's open on Sunday. Is there anything I can do in the interim to prevent this stain from setting terribly?

The offended clothing is a cream-colored silk jacket, with full lining, if that matters, and the stain is only near the front middle, as artfully rendered in keyboard characters here:

|---* ||----|
|__*/ \\*__|

The khaki pants are also dribbled down, but not too badly, and those are cotton.

Any suggestions about what I can do to divert this from heading towards Goodwill, and instead detour it to spot-that-in-the-right-(wrong?)-light-is-perhaps-just-a-smidge-darker-than-cream? Or am I being anxious and 36 hours won't make that much of a difference now that the stain's dry anyway?

Also, anyone know a decent dry cleaners in San Francisco that's open on Sunday and does one-day turnaround?


Senior Member
Jun 18, 2010
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Don't do anything you'll later regret...don't apply some quick-fix miracle cure, don't rub, don't wipe. Wait until Monday, find a quality cleaner with an in-house stain removal technician, and give them enough time to get the job done. If your cleaner you select is just going to toss that garment into the dry cleaning machine -- without completely removing the stain beforehand -- your garment will, indeed, end up in the charity bin. For more information on this subject.... Blog post: Stain mishaps: Do's and don'ts. http://ravefabricare.com/true-quality-cleaning/2010/6/2/stain-mishaps-do's-and-don'ts.aspx

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