Can bicep area of sleeve be widen slightly?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by DonnyLee, Jun 3, 2016.

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    Hi Styleforum,

    I'm seeking quick advice on tailoring. I found this suit at a discount and the overall fit is very good. Shoulders and length checked. The only problem is that I workout my arms quite regularly and I wish the bicep area of the sleeve has slightly more room.

    I can definitely put my arms through with the sleeves. The issue comes when I bend my arms, the fabric at the bicep gets very taut. Relatedly, this may or may not lead to more creasing.

    Can an experience tailor widen the bicep around by about 3/4" inches? I imagine he'll unstitch the sleeve, widen the circumference of the sleeve hole by 3/4", widen the bicep area by 3/4" to match the sleeve hole, then reattach the sleeve. Am I able to check for excess fabric at the sleeve?

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    The only RTW maker of which I am aware who leaves an outlet in the sleeve is Oxxford. Otherwise the most you could hope to get is 1/2" and that would might be risky depending on the type of cloth.

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