Calling Sydneysiders for help with Wedding suit

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Sydney Student, Apr 17, 2013.

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    This is my first post to styleforum after years of reading it, permanent style, AAAC, london lounge... you get the idea. I am looking to ask for wisdom from one and all regarding the suit that I will be married in this July. (remember this means winter for us down under) The wedding is at 11 am but since I could not get absolutely everyone in morning dress (aussies can be a bit relaxed with dress code) I decided against that formality, also, I cant stand how literally no one knows what black tie actually is, so that is out too.

    So I have chosen to have Sam DiSano make a double breasted navy blue suit for the wedding. I got my idea for this from Simon Crompton's Graham Browne suit see here. I saw it on the blog and loved it. I think it quite formal while not going over the top. I went with Sam mostly for the cost factor. I am at uni and needed something I could afford. I really dont mind paying for quality and lasting pieces but I also couldn't bare casa adamo or other's prices. I have purchased my wool. It is a beautiful Golden bale subtle herringbone weave from H Lesser and son. I got it in the mail yesterday and am very pleased. Tie is this from Drakes.

    Now come the questions:

    Firstly: To anyone who has worked with Sam before, (I know Sator on this forum has at least one of his suits) do you have any pointers about how specific I should be with personal style details? I would like quite an english shoulder with armholes that remind me I had this made. I am mostly wondering if I will have to argue for anything on the suit... I hear that happens with some tailors...

    Secondly: Shoes. I have been working on my own pair of shoes for the better part of a year now with the hope to finish in time for the wedding, but uni has taken over my life and I can only do so much without proper instruction. The only pair of shoes I would even consider in Aus are a pair of RM's. I have a brown pair, but this outfit calls for black. This is one option on the list along side a pair from Justin FitzPatrick (aka 'The Shoe Snob') or Mr Edwin Neo of Ed Et al. I have followed them both since their beginnings and would like to support one of them. Right now I am leaning towards a pair or Merlion II's in black from Ed out of these options. Any suggestions here?

    Thirdly: Socks. Before I place my order with Drake's for the tie, I am thinking of combining the shipping and getting a pair of socks too. Now the obvious answer is navy blue like these, but I am wondering if anyone thinks.. considering my age and how traditional the rest of the suit is if I could get away with this. what do you think??

    Lastly: Buttons. Open to any suggestions on button choice for the suit. Sam told me he only has plastic so distributors for Australia would be a must.

    I also want to add a quick word of thanks to everyone who answers all of the questions people like me have about what we wear. I have found the forum to be a wealth of information so far and I hope to contribute more often if I can.

    Thank you all

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    I'd suggest against the green socks. Navy ones are fine - if you want to have something that's not navy, I'd suggest going with something like these:

    ridiculously expensive and fantastically impractical, but not the ankle-highlighter that the green ones are, while still being distinctive.
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