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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by gza, Jul 30, 2006.

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    I came across these old but virtually unworn monkstraps from C&J. Inside the heel the word "Welbeck" is written underneath "Crockett and Jones." However, according to Plal, the Welbeck is now a black semibrogue:


    On the side of the sock this is printed (not handwritten):

    H6628 P1669-74
    250 10 1/2 E

    On the sole there is more printing. At the waist are the words "ALL LEATHER made by Crockett & Jones Northampton, England." Under the forefoot is a crest, under which it says "HANDGRADE." And where the waist joins the forefoot are the words "Hand Curried Leather."

    What confuses me most is that despite the "Handgrade" specification, there is stitching visible on the sole, and the interior of the shoe is not entirely leather lined.

    Anyway, on to the pics:


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    I presume in their more than125 years of history, Crockett & Jones (founded 1879) must have had so many models that they are forced to recycle names. The "˜Welbeck' of today might not be the "˜Welbeck' of forty years ago.

    That's where I would place your shoes, probably second half of the 1960s. Maybe you get in touch with C&J, they might be delighted to see samples of their production from a long time ago and will help you to date the shoes.

    The factory might be closed at the moment for annual holidays.

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