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BUZZ RICKSON'S 1930s & ’40s Loop-Wheeled, Set-In-Sleeve Sweatshirt, Heather Grey// US L

Discussion in '2011-2017 Streetwear' started by smART, Jul 10, 2016.

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  1. smART

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    Jan 30, 2010
    I wish I was in Iceland

    Buzz Rickson 1930s & ’40s Loop-Wheeled, Set-In-Sleeve Sweatshirt, Heather Grey

    This is a classic staple that most people want in their closet. I've kept the sweatshirt in great condition. It's a Large size, but fits more like a medium.

    Here's a ton of information about the sweatshirt. Let me know if you have any questions.

    achines, styled with all the correct features found on the old sweatshirts, and cut to hug the body in a flattering formNow, you may ask, what is a Buzz Rickson four-needle, set-in-sleeve, loop-wheeled sweatshirt? Four-needle sewing machines overlay the edges of all seams, creating a flatter, smoother seam construction with far less seam allowance, thus decreasing bulk. Loop-wheeling looms are special machines that are able to weave a perfect tube, but they can only weave one set diameter per loom; this means the factory needs a different loom for each size - very expensive - which is why you hardly ever see true tube construction in modern-day garments. Even the most expensive designer sweatshirts will usually have a side seam - sometimes two seams! Tube construction ensures true shape is maintained, not only during its construction, but during its life of wear. This is the proper way to make a sweatshirt; in the good old days, the proper way was the only way. It's cheap and easy to make shirts from a flat piece of cloth, and most customers would never notice the difference, though they may wonder why their not-so-cheap sweatshirt seemed to lose its shape after only a few washes - but now you know.
    Traditional vintage-style sweatshirts of this caliber are not available even from the fashion high street. With shrewd foresight of the oncoming vintage clothing market, much of the old, U.S.-made 1920's machinery and looms were bought up by the Japanese in the 1970's when they were otherwise deemed obsolete. These old looms, although much slower than modern machinery, are able to produce much higher-quality fabric - fabric that perfectly matches the quality of those garments made from the good old days. For those who can appreciate such quality, these sweatshirts are sure to please.
    Buzz Rickson's premium, vintage-style, all-cotton athletic sweatshirts are made from medium-weight, 100% cotton fabricated on 1920's-vintage loop-wheeling m without bulk, just as the vintage originals did. Limited quantities available. Take note of these authentic vintage styling features:

    • Custom manufacturing of the medium-weight, all-cotton fleece fabricated on a vintage loop-wheeling loom
    • Vintage wash
    • Four-needle, TUBE-Body construction with no side seams, and with lock stitch throughout
    • Vee-placket neck detail
    • Set-in sleeves
    • Four-inch cuff and waistband

    • Exact copy of the original-style rayon-on-cotton labels
    • True vintage fit for flattering appearance, not a sloppy, relaxed fit with droopy shoulder seams

    Made in Japan

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    Dec 15, 2013
    Do u still have?

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