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Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by Eleni, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Dec 10, 2015
    A note to anyone who buys online with Shoebuy: they have changed their return policy as of August, and no longer compete with Zappos as far as free returns (not to mention, their shoes take forever to arrive unlike Zappos which in some cases is overnight.) I had a very unpleasant surprise after ordering shoes last week so I wanted to make others aware.

    Their fee is a well-hidden $6.95 per item -- not even just per order -- return fee unless you exchange for another item, and there are a lot of very justifiably surprised and angry customers out there right now. I recently had to pay that to return a pair of shoes that were only $20. That's almost half the cost of the shoes. Actually, I have a medical problem that requires me to order online, not shop in a store, and I have to try several pairs in hopes just one pair might work. This isn't my choice. I returned 5 out of 6 pairs I bought, in one big box -- and was charged $30. I wonder, did the re-stocking guy have to walk back and forth 5 times to re-stock? Also, their customer service is horrible. I read reviews online that they tried to charge the restocking fee if an order was sent by mistake, when they didn't have the size to exchange for, and if they sent the shoes after the promised date (like, say, for a Christmas gift.) Customer service is great at ignoring all of it although they backtracked a few times when people called them out on Facebook -- I have no idea how many of those issues actually did get resolved eventually, but they definitely told me to go take a flying leap.

    Why anyone would shop here instead of at Zappos, or even Amazon, I have no idea. What a disappointment.

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