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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by DanTheLadiesMan, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Received permission to post a review...

    Having purchased MTM shirts from Proper Cloth, Luxire, Spier & Mackay, and Ratio Clothing, I thought I'd post a quick review on a new MTM company that I was recently introduced to: Buttons 'n' Threads.

    For the record, I'm not associated with the company nor was I solicited by the company to post this review. I'm just a happy customer.

    BNT makes both custom suits and shirts, but I've only purchased shirts from them. In my opinion, BNT makes the best machine sewn shirt of the MTM companies that I've tried, and here's why:

    1. The stitching on my shirts is extremely dense and tight. BNT sews their shirts at 23-25 stitching per inch. The density of the stitch makes it almost invisible at a distance. I'll post some pics tonight.

    2. The buttonholes on my BNT shirts are some of the nicest I've seen on any MTM shirt. I believe the buttonholes are embroidered with over 200 stitches per inch. In addition, my shirt came with nice Australian Mother of Pearl buttons that were hand shanked to the shirt.

    3. Although, BNT doesn't note the fabric mill on their website, the shirts that I purchased were all Thomas Mason Silverline or Goldline fabrics. I believe the majority of the shirts that are priced around 129 are TM Silverline, while the shirts that are priced around 149 are TM Goldline.

    4. BNT offers hand sewn monograms at no extra charge. I was able to specify my monogram location and elected to have it placed on the sleeve placket.

    I plan on posting some pics of my shirt tonight. You can check out their current shirt offerings here: http://www.buttonsnthreads.com/shop/shirts/

    If you decide to give them a shot, here are some suggestions (before placing your order):

    1. BNT cuts their shirts based on body measurements, but I would recommend measuring your best fitting shirt and sending them those measurements as well. The first set of shirts that I ordered were based off body measurements, and needed to be remade since they came out baggy in the sleeves in the cuffs. Also, since I have a relatively large drop (8 inches), the shirt was cut with a slight hourglass shape. Sarah, the BNT representative that I've been communicating with, rectified the issue immediately and remade my new shirts at no cost. Please note that I did have to ship the shirts back to India (on my dime). I believe this is the same policy that Luxire enforces.

    2. BNT offers additional collar style options that aren't noted on their web store. If there's a specific collar style that you're interested in, I would email them since they might be able to accommodate your request.

    3. I found the length of my 1-button barrel cuffs to be a little large. For reference, I think the length of my cuff was a little longer than 3 inches. On my most recent order, BNT accommodated my request to reduce the cuff length to 2.5.
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    Hi DanTLM,
    I know this is an old thread but have you ordered anything from Buttons 'n' threads lately. I purchased a suit from them in March, and have just been getting the run around from them. At this point I realize that my $$ is probably gone but still holding onto the slight hope that they will do the right thing and make my suit.

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    I am pretty sad you was alleguedly scammed.

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