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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by chappy76, Jul 20, 2006.

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    G'day gents,

    I'm changing jobs in the near future and could do with a bit of advice re sizing guides. I found this forum about a month ago and, thanks to the advice I've gotten from here, have made some nice purchases through ebay on some suits and think I've done well by avoiding the pricing at the mainstream stores we have here. I've also managed to avoid some potential pitfalls thanks to info on here so thanks very much for all that contribute to the site.

    I'm chasing some advice on sizing guides and would appreciate any assistance you could offer. I wear a 42r suit jacket and fluctuate between 34 and 36 inch pants. I'm now at that point where I need to get some business shirts and could do with some advice as to the best size to wear to compliment my suits.

    Generally I've worn size 43 business shirts but before I make some purchases would like an opinion as to whether there is a protocol between business shirt and suit jacket sizes. Eg, should people that wear a 42r jacket opt for the size 43 shirt, or whether it should be smaller or bigger?

    As I'm quite new to this (currently I wear a uniform), I'd appreciate any opinions you may have or perhaps I'm completely off the boil???



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    I would not worry about the label size, the most important important aspect of puchasing a shirt is that it fits well.

    Do not be afraid to ask the salesman if you could be measured and ask questions.

    As general rules of thumb (s?), you need to make sure the neck is snug, but still feel confortable.

    Sleeve length should fall just below your wrist if your arm is straight-down at hip height. If the sleeve is too long, it can easily be shortened.

    As for the body of the shirt you should make sure it is not tent-like but at the same time not too tight in the chest and gut.

    When purchasing shirts for the first time, it is best to try them on so you can get a feel for your personal preferences.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Best of luck,


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