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business casual but not quite (beaten to death topic with a twist)


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2010
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ok so before you chastise me for for posting a beaten to death topic, hear me out a bit. I've spent the past year since graduating college working at a jewelry company working a marketing and sales role. My dress usually would consist of suits and nothing less. I grew to love it, fell in love with looking good and dressed up and built a solid wardrobe. OK TO THE PROBLEM: Just moved to Scottsdale from LA for a job I got with Yelp. The company is only 6 years old - young. As a result, the people that work there are very young as well. Most of my managers are around 25-28 and most of the people in my 200 person office is in their 20's. The company itself is very serious, but the demeanor and culture is very laid back and casual... Most of the people working there wear T-shirts or maybe a button down shirt un-tucked. Most of my managers wear dress pants that have no crease - the non suite variety with a dress shirt (usually casually styled) tucked in. No ties, sometimes their sleeves are rolled up, and nothing too fancy. I need to be pointed in the direction of those dress pants and MORE dress shirts but within a budget. Those dress pants are almost like those Express Producer Pants but seemingly better quality. I am looking to definitely keep them under $100 being that my salary is still not huge and I have many bills to pay for. Same with the dress shirts - I have a good collection that are OK to wear at my new look job but I could use a few more. Need socks and shoes too... for shoes, I was thinking of getting some AE's more away from the Park Avenue look and more of the casual look. Recommendations of any brand or any shoe would be very welcomed. IN A NUTSHELL: New job, borderline of business casual and casual (some kids are wearing t shirts to work). Looking for some dress pants, shirts, socks, and even shoes at BUDGET prices that would fit in a more hip/less formal culture. Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated!


Senior Member
Nov 20, 2009
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Atila, here's my opinion.

I assume that you're a bit older than the other people at your new office? I'm a younger person myself (24). I work in a business casual environment (un-tucked golf shirts, or at the most tucked in button downs with creased pants). I myself wear button downs every day, and even wear ties every now and then. I have a few older people in the office that consistently wear clothes on the more formal end of the spectrum. They fit in just fine and aren't ostracized. I think the key is that they don't act better because they are dressed better.

In short: don't be afraid to be yourself. You don't need to dress the same to be accepted. Be yourself, show your character and as long as you're not smug about it, you'll be accepted.

I think you'll fit in with creased pants and button downs. If anything, invest in a few more shirts as you stated that you don't have very many.

Good luck!


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Jun 25, 2010
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Wear a suit everyday and make them feel like the pieces of crap they are.

If they in fact are not pieces of crap, they will ignore you and or dress up.


Distinguished Member
Jul 8, 2007
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Originally Posted by bringusingoodale
Wear a suit everyday and make them feel like the pieces of crap they are.

This is Scottsdale. Not even realtors wear suits every day. Whole place is overrun with kidults. It's a sartorial nightmare, a vision of America's future, Idiocracy in action.

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