Burberry, Canali, Zegna - number of questions

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Taranking, Dec 20, 2015.

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    Dec 20, 2015
    Hi Guys

    I'm looking for a nice made to measure suit / off-the-rack + hemming. It happens that I live in Ireland and it's a choice deprived place. There are preety much two places to get a suit (Brown Thomas and Louise Copelnad) and this limits my brand choice to burberry, canali, zegna, rlpl and armani, but I won't even bother to look at armani since they started making t-shirts and tracksuits with their logo on it [every piece of a scum wears one]. Both stores I mentioned above have a service of getting things made to measure.

    I'd really like to get Burberry, for the only reason that my 2nd most favourite character [Mike Ross from Suits] wears it. The only problem I have is that around the net [this forum included] people spoke really badly about Burberry. Is that still up-to-date opinion? It is some sort of a stigma? If you think they're overpriced, can you say why?

    In relation to Zegna. There's EZ and ZZ. From what I saw in the store they had the same price range, but from what I read, ZZ are of worse quality, is it true?. Are all EZ's fully canvased, as opposed to ZZ's that tend to be half-canvased?

    In before the whole "its all about the fit". With my size and posture, for as long as it's slim fit and 38R, it's preety much perfect from the get go. I only ever need to get the pants hemmed, although, I sometimes wish the jacket sleeves were a bit tighter and the back area might get tighter in the waist to accommodate my Marilyn Monroe-like dimensions (hence I might get it made to measure).

    One, probably the biggest requirement I have, is that it's wool-silk blend. I really want that flash. I believe young people call it "hash tag swag" :)

    Also, am I better off going with a bespoke suit (made by Louise) or made to measure labelled one?

    Bit of a background info on me:
    - Lives in a shithole with worst domestic market ever found called Ireland
    - 18x cm, 66kg, I look so thin even the gays are talking shit to me in pubs %)
    - 24 yrs old, don't want grandpa suit
    - I like Harvey Specter just as much as Mike Ross, but Mike's body build is more like mine.

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    Apr 8, 2015
    EZ is about twice the price as ZZ, and fully canvassed. ZZ is fused, but can offer a great fit for thin guys. Try to get them on sale. Burberry is usually half canvassed but way overpriced. Also, english cut, very padded & structured with higher rise pants. Canali is good. Go try some suits on! Just to start you off.

    Btw I'm 58kgs at 27. You're welcome.
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