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Building a wardrobe for 2K


May 2, 2018
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Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

I will be transitioning from a career in research with a very, very lax dress code back to college with a "button ups and no jeans" dress code in August. After 5 years of working in shorts and T-shirts I have a nearly barren professional wardrobe.

In my possession I have:
a dark gray suit (everyone has to have an interview/funeral suit
one lighter grey tweed odd jacket
a few white shirts of dubious fit (one can be saved with tailoring, one is just plum to small across the chest)
a purple check casual button collar shirt
brown brogues
One pair of grey socks

I have been working on a list to build a solid interchangeable wardrobe. I will also list brands and reasonings behind any choices I have made so far. soft choices, I am looking for advice and input please!

6 dress shirts:

4 shirts from CTshirts (to hit the discount min, all in non treated cloth for breathability)
one white linen/cotton shirt with a spread collar
3 blue white linen/cotton shirts w/spread collars, sky blue check, white/navy spots and a navy puppytooth

One white "classic ramsey" dress shirt from tailor store using a 30% off code gentlemanwithin30

one white twill 70s shirt from Deo Veritas with the new california collar for some variety (and to see if i like it) I intend to purchase 3-4 more shirts per year while in school so im bouncing around to various MTM shops to see what I like.

4 pair chinos
Navy, brown, khaki and blue from bonobos using the 15% student discount

2 pair dress pants
dark and light grey worsted trousers

Navy unstructured blazer
Bonoboes unstructured italian wool hopsack in navy
or tailorstore.com unstructured blazer, unsure on fabric but something light in weave and navy I will have samples coming soon.


Charcoal merino wool zip-through cardigan from CTshirts

indigo Cotton cashmere V-neck sweater from CTshirts


oxblood oxfords, I have budgeted about $200 for these but have no idea where to to look. preferably these would last into my career after school is over.

leather trainers in black or white to wear with scrubs and chinos I am allowed to wear ciel blue or black scrubs.

possibly one more pair of shoes. I am not really sure.

Accessories and other bits and bobs

5 undershirts of the UNIQLO Airism mesh v neck variety.
6 pairs of socks no garish ones
Navy grenadine tie
Anson belt set.

Things I have also considered, but are less important right away.

Navy or camel overcoat or mac, it does rain here in Iowa and it's a long walk from the parking lot into the building. definitely an overcoat before winter comes back. (also no idea on brands)

If your still here thank you for reading this far!

What have I overlooked? does anything stand out? Reading this I see I have overlooked a plain blue shirt.

What about brands? have I done alright, is there better options that I have overlooked?

CT Shirts navy puppytooth.jpg


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May 31, 2009
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A pair of black shoes to go with the suit.
A pair of dark brown shoes in addition to the oxbloods.
Thin, V-neck merino sweater for layering. Black or navy.
Mac AND overcoat. :nodding: They’re not interchangeable.

Mr Lam

Apr 30, 2018
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How much will everything that you've listed together each cost though?

Have you considered a black oldskool vans to add to your sneaker collection? I reckon they'll be a great addition to your wardrobe because you can wear them with your chinos and jeans, and possibly wear them with your scrubs too (plus, they're the type of sneakers that look better with aged character).

Also, have you considered a classic umbrella? You'd think it wouldn't be part of a wardrobe, but a decent long classic umbrella with a wooden shaft will synergise with the sophisticated image you have when wearing your overcoat/mac.


May 2, 2018
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Good advice on the shoes, possibly black oxfords and dark brown split toes then.

I have a budget of 2k for this. I believe I need to switch things up a bit, make those chinos a bit smarter then the bonobos ones. A few more ties. I asked more questions and it seems most are wearing shit and tie when not in scrubs. I don't feel like the bonobos chinos would work with a tie all that well, I should be able to find cheaper options as well with some digging.


Active Member
May 1, 2018
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For the Oxfords take a look at Allen Edmond Seconds. At $250 they are they best shoes you will buy, in my opinion anyway (I have 3 pairs and getting a 4th for graduation). I personally prefer the Dark Chili to the Oxblood though. These are Fifth Ave AKA my next pair in both colors for you to compare.



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