Bruce G. Boyer's article "Double Indemnity" - Has anybody read this article?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by strangedream, Jun 18, 2012.

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    From this post from the Parisian Gentleman, Hugo Jacomet mentions The Rake article titled "Double Indemnity,"* written by Bruce G. Boyer on the subject of the double breasted suit, and praise the quality of Mr. Boyer's writing.

    Quote: Without getting into all the details of the excellent article titled Double Indemnity, Mr. Boyer explains that no gentleman should fear the double-breasted suit because of his body shape, and that “if you like it, wear it”!

    I was really intrigued and wanted to check out this article myself, but couldn't find much information from neither The Rake website nor through Googling.

    Has anybody on SF read this article before? If so, can you tell me which issue of The Rake was this article available.

    * A great film by the way. This is the first Edward G. Robinson film that I ever watched and surprised to discover when I later learned that he's best known as a gangster actor after watching Key Largo. I wonder if Netflix-on-demand carries either of those films...

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