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Brooks Brothers USA Supima Cotton Oxford Cloth Button Downs, ESF, Slim, Regular, Traditional

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by Steve Smith, Aug 2, 2015.

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  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Senior member

    Feb 5, 2008
    [COLOR=FF00AA]I still have some of these as of the time I closed the listing. If you see something you want, PM for availability.

    If you are a fan of these BB OCBD's then now is the time to buy. Apparently BB is changing their basic made in USA oxford cloth button down specifications, and raising the retail price to $140.

    Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international quote. I can fit two (or three depending upon size) into a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope, so international shipping can be pretty reasonable on a per shirt basis.

    If I put "n" after a size that means that shirt has no pocket. There are several different neck labels. Your shirt may not come in a plastic bag. All are first quality but have a mark on the neck label to prevent return to BB.

    These shirts currently retail for $95. All are Made in USA. No volume discount.

    When you order a shirt specify the size and fit.

    $48 shipped to US.


    Blue 14.5-34SOLD, 15-31SOLD, 15-33SOLD, 15.5-36, 16-32, 16.5-32, 17-35SOLD, 17.5-34

    White 15-34SOLD,

    Blue University Stripe 14.5-31, 14.5-34n SOLD, 15-34sold, 15.5-31, 17.5-35, 18-34, 18-35

    Red University Stripe 14.5-33, 15-32, 15-33SOLD, 15.5-34SOLD, 16-33SOLD, 17.5-33, 17.5-35, 18-34, 18-35

    Yellow 14.5-34 SOLD, 15-35

    Ecru 16-33


    Blue 14.5-34, 15-32, 16-31, 17-33, 17-36sold, 18-38

    White 15-31, 15.5-36 17-34n, 17-35sold, 17-37, 17.5-33, 17.5-38, 18-33, 18-36

    Blue University Stripe 16-33sold, 16.5-34SOLD

    Red University Stripe 15-34, 16.5-34sold, 19-35

    Pink 18.5-36

    Yellow 15-31, 15-32, 15.5-32, 15.5-34

    Ecru 14.5-32, 18-38, 18.5-35


    White 15-33, 15.5-33sold

    Blue 17-34, 19-37

    Red University Stripe 16-35SOLD, 17-34

    Ecru 15-32

    Pink 14.5-33, 16.5-32


    Blue 15-31, 15-32, 15-35,15.5-32, 15.5-35, 16-35SOLD, 17.5-33, 18-34

    White 14.5-33, 14.5-34, 15-32, 15.5-34, 17-32, 17-35SOLD, 18.5-34

    Blue University Stripe 14.5-34, 15-33, 16-31, 16.5-34, 17-33

    Red University Stripe 14.5-34

    Ecru 14.5-34, 16-34, 16.5-34, 18.5-38

    NOS Marks & Spencer era rectangular label

    Blue 14.5-33

    Red University Stripe 14.5-34

    Ecru 16.5-37

    NOS Unlined Collar Squarish Label with single number sleeve length format

    Blue 14.5-33sold, 14.5-34, 17-36

    Blue University Stripe 14.5-34, 16-33sold

    Pink 14.5-34


    Example of NOS Marks & Spencer era label:[​IMG]

    Example of NOS Square Label:[​IMG]
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
  2. razl

    razl Senior member

    Aug 10, 2009
    United States of America v4.0

    NEVERBETTER56 New Member

    Sep 17, 2015
    ok---looks like i found you..lol but e mail me with my regular e mail as i am not so sure how to navigate this site and receive e mails

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