Brooks Brothers suiting help - Golden Fleece vs 1818

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by mojorisin, Apr 14, 2016.

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    Apr 14, 2016
    Long story short, I can pick any suit from Brooks Brothers up to a $2200 MSRP. If I pick a cheaper suit, I don't get to keep the price difference.

    I currently only have one navy pinstripe suit that I bought sometime back from Joseph A Bank that I only wear out of absolute necessity. While it fits well, technically speaking, the cut is very boxy, which doesn't flatter my slender build.

    $2200 MSRP could get me one of the lower-priced Golden Fleece suits, which I understand to be far superior in terms of construction and workmanship to the 1818 line. Here's the catch: the only Golden Fleece suit stocked in my size (38R) in either a Fitzgerald or Milano cut (their slimmer cuts) is this[/IMG]-Suit/MK00151,default,pd.html?dwvar_MK00151_Color=MDGY&dwvar_MK00151_Size=38_RG&contentpos=6&cgid=0216]gray pinstripe suit

    This would be effectively my only suit that I'd use for all occasions (interviews, weddings, etc). Do the pinstripes on the linked suit render it too "business" for more casual, informal uses? Should I just one of the cheaper 1818 suits in a solid grey/charcoal instead? It just seems like a shame to "waste" that extra $1,000 or so in MSRP on an inferior suit. Then again, it may be better to get a simpler solid suit if I get more use out of it?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Yes, a pinstripe suit is pretty "businessy".

    That said, I don't even see any golden fleece suits in a solid, but assuming one exists in the current lineup, can you get the more expensive suit and pay the difference?

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    Well you actually have a few options available to you based off of what you said in your post. I would be hard pressed to offer you the option of going MTM seeing you only a one suit. However, if you want one that fits you in almost every way then i would say going the MTM route. Some will tell yiu that for the price you may pay you have better options. However, I would place any of my MTM Brooks Brothers suits against anything suit in comparable price range.

    Anway, you could actually get to 1818 suits, a few good ties and skme shirts all under the 2200 mark. They would be OTR suit but far better any Suit Supply, JAB, or MW. Depending on your size and desired fit profile you have a few options with the Madsion, Fitzgerald, Milano and Regent. That way you have a few suits for most occasions if you up for a navy blue solid and a charcoal suit. Once you have that speak with the SA and the Talior and clearly communicate your idea fit. The one BB I use as a great clothing tailor and he has always made my fit perfect when I chose off-the-rack suits before i went the MTM route.

    The other option if you must have all the bells and whistles is to go to MTM. The cost would depend on your selection of fabric everything including the Tailoring is complementary. Be sure you ask the SA questions as to what custom option are available and pick what you need the most. The 1818 MTM is cheaper than the Golden Fleece as it is fully canvassed however both are handsewn canvas out of the NC suit factory.

    I hope this info was helpful.

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