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Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Royal Oxford Dress Shirt


New Member
Sep 29, 2015
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Hi, this is my first post on SF.

However, when I finally got to try Brooks Brothers' standard Non-Iron Dress Shirt (the $92 regular price one) as I got it in white, not only did it seem a bit rough to the feel vs the smoother feeling Non-Iron Banana Republic Dress Shirts, but they were very transparent whereas the pocket and the center strip holding the buttons on the front of the shirt are much more opaque. Unlike the BR Non-Iron shirts where it was not only much more opaque and consistent throughout, the contrast between the opaque pocket and center strip (I assume those parts were actually 2-ply) with the rest of the transparent material of the shirt was not flattering at all to the eye. An undershirt was absolutely necessary as I'm not sure if the shirt was designed to be see through in order to have breathability and lightness. As I'm based in SoCal, wearing an undershirt will make the wearer really hot as it just completely suffocates the chest not only trapping the heat but also making the person sweat more which is a catch-22 as they also prevent the see-throughness of the shirt.

Aside from my disappointment, I am looking towards Brooks Brothers' Non-Iron Royal Oxford Dress Shirts that are not only of a thicker weave, but they're 2-ply to which I hope would solve the transparency issue that most guys wearing their dress shirts for work especially do not want.

Has any of you guys worn their Non-Iron Royal Oxford Dress Shirts? Is it opaque enough to wear without an undershirt? Also, is it actually smooth, not rough to the touch unlike their standard broadcloth 1-ply non-iron dress shirts?

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Active Member
Sep 2, 2015
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First off welcome to SF! I am fairly new to it as well.

In regards to brook brothers non iron dress shirts....They are a keeper....

I have tried CT, jos a bank, banana, black and brown, tommy and the list goes on....

nothing compares in quality to the brooks brother non iron shirts. Quality, fit and most importantly the non iron shirts are like no other. they actually are non iron! unlike the other brands which claim they are non iron and when you take them out of the dryer it looks like a dog ate them for afternoon snack. i purchased 5 brooks non iron shirts in the last year and i have been more than pleased.

I would go ahead with purchasing additional brooks non iron shirts. they are classy and the look and fit will grow on you....



New Member
Sep 29, 2015
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Hi, actually I had referred that I was disappointed in the standard Non-iron dress shirts by Brooks Brothers for the reasons stated in my original post.

However, I meant to ask about their OTHER Non-iron "Royal Oxford" dress shirts that are different from their standard non-irons" that the Royal Oxford are in their unique weave in addition to being 2-ply, unlike their standard non-irons.


Dec 15, 2012
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I'm not sure which exact shirt you're disappointed in. I own both of the shirts I think you're referring to, and have owned several BR shirts in the past as well (white shirts included). The "standard" $92 BB white non-iron isn't fully opaque, but I would not categorize it as "very transparent" either. It's certainly more opaque than a number of the white BR shirts I've owned.

To give you the answer you're looking for - no, you would not be satisfied with BB's white royal oxford. While it is softer and more breathable than the standard BB shirt, it is definitely less opaque and is best worn with an undershirt.

For the record, you do not have to "suffocate" from wearing an undershirt with your dress shirts. There are more breathable options out there - I would suggest looking into non-cotton options such as Uniqlo's airism line or Mr. Davis' bamboo/spandex blend.

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