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Born shoes

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by amirrorcrackd, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. amirrorcrackd

    amirrorcrackd Senior member

    Oct 27, 2004
    NY, NY
    So I bought a pair.  Casual ones of course.  Most of them are hideously ugly, and I can't tell whether the ones I bought were or not (they are quite an anomoly), but I was wondering if anyone had opinions.  I must say, they are without a doubt the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
    And apparently, they are hand constructed.

  2. FIHTies

    FIHTies Senior member Affiliate Vendor

    Apr 28, 2004
    Back and Better Than Before
    Bought a pair from J&M about a year ago... Due to the unquestionable ugliness and super comfort I use them as Slippers only at home (and when I fly actually, as they are easy to put on and off).Hey... I have kids to marry off [​IMG] I love them as slippers. Cant imagine anyone wearing outside regularly.
  3. artdeco73

    artdeco73 Well-Known Member

    Apr 26, 2004
    Washington, DC, USA
    I have a pair. I don't find them all that ugly for causal wear. They work well with jeans. But then, I wear Ecco shoes, too... [​IMG] I have two comments about the Borns. First, while they are comfortable, they are not as comfortable as my Eccos. More importantly, however, they let in water through the sole. The sole (rubber, of course), has a funky construction -- it has light-colored "insets" (not sure how else to describe them) set into the darker-colored base. The insets protrude a little -- perhaps they are meant to aid traction. I think the water comes through the seams between the insets and the base. The net effect is my feet get wet even when I walk on damp pavement. I'm not even talking about stepping into puddles. The Borns also seem to run a little small -- my size is normally 43 (Euro), but I had to get the Borns in 44, and they are still a little snug. FWIW, the style I have are laced, plain squared-off toe. I think that style has been discontinued since I got them. Best Regards, Tony
  4. LA Guy

    LA Guy Opposite Santa Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Mar 8, 2002
    Moscow, Idaho
    If you want a pair of really comfortable shoes that are actually sort of cool to wear with jeans, check out Medium fiootwear shoes. They are available right now for peanuts on Bluefly. There are a lot of Converse inspired models but without the discomfort of converse. I endorse the Modernist (am wearing a pair now I got on Bluefly - still retailing for full price at local footwear stores) and the Structuralist, but the other styles are pretty funky as well. They retail about $88 to $150, depending on the style, are not ubiquitous, pretty funky, and better than lots of stuff in that price range.

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