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May 16, 2015
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Not a boot but well worth a mention as Mattina shoes via the recently launched House of Agin ( @boot_owl ) also does boots

Happy hunting boys

Meh.., does nothing for me, I suppose that’s because this is a boot thread for boot guys, which, I am.


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Oct 25, 2018
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Oct 23, 2015
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Mishap and evolution of my “Carlos Nieto” Chelsea boots

I bought my “Carlos Nieto” Chelsea boots last January 2017, so they are three years nine months old. The next image was taken during their maiden voyage day: a very deep chocolate suede colour, with a wonderful nap and touch.

With my shoe rotation, they were very well kept as seen in the next image taken one year later (January 2018), until the unfortunate day when they received some oil drops while I was helping in the kitchen. I didn’t realize the mishap until later on, so I couldn’t sprinkle the stain with some baby powder or cornstarch to absorb the oil, which had created a few ugly patches on the top of my boots.

I tried all sort of tricks, suede cleaning solutions, suede shampoos, brushes, erasers, I even bought colour spays to mimic the stains that still there. When you don’t want to see something in its when it's more clear, even though the rest of the people didn’t even notice it. The fact was that I felt that they were deteriorating with so many brushes, erasers and cleaning solutions...

Last December 2019 they still kept their dignity, at least that was what I thought, even though the stains were there but they didn’t show much because of my right boot position.

But, during last weeks, every time I put them on my feet, I felt that they had lost their original charm: I thought they were dirty, peeled, scraped even though it could be just my imagination. During the last months, I had bought other three Chelsea boots: they weren’t any more “unique”, as a way of saying it, I had my new Magnanni, Cheaney and Loake Chelsea boots.

The next image was the last I made when I decided that if it was not possible to get an appearance that would satisfy me, they would be part of an experiment that I wanted to make but I needed a suitable pair of shoes to do it. The change from the first photos to the latter is clear: the deep intense chocolate colour wasn’t there anymore, and instead of that I had stains and discolourations that were already difficult to correct.

So, I converted the fragile suede Chelsea in a pair of boots that I could use without restriction under the rain or in any harsh situation with a radical appearance change: I applied Sno-Seal that I had used before with my Pimlico chukkas, in this case over the suede for a homemade waxed effect, whose result I imagined although it was still an experiment that could end in total botch...

Next images are the final exercise result: the appearance changed radically, nothing to do with the chocolate suede that I enjoyed during the last years. Now they have an aspect that reminds me a newly waxed Barbour, with some shine but at the same time mate colour, with a "rough" texture that I don't know how it will evolve over time.

How pictures are worth a thousand words, these are my “new/old” Chelsea boots. Now I “need” a new pair of chocolate ones but I have a pair that I will use with my Barbour jackets, that are unique and exclusive and show with their wrinkles and character the use they have had.

It is now up to you to tell me now if this was crazy. Personally, I am very satisfied with these experiments. ;)
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Sep 10, 2017
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If nothing else, I appreciate the mention of baby powder/cornstarch to correct oil spills. I did the same on a pair of Belgian slippers that I was breaking in around the house. Forever stained, before I wore them outside. I’ll not let that happen, next time. Thank you.

I like the look, and if they’re an option in a stable of many, I say well done.

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