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Mar 12, 2012
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Do you not get metal toe plates? I do on leather, used to be put off by sound but doesn’t on the toes in my experience. I live in a rural area and I used to associate with farmers as they did heals
too and sounded like a horse!

lovely boots sir.
Honestly, I usually don't chew up the toes too badly on my footwear. That being said, I have commissioned them on some upcoming pairs to see how I feel about them. And thanks for the compliment!

Crafty Cumbrian

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Nov 7, 2017
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Honestly, I usually don't chew up the toes too badly on my footwear. That being said, I have commissioned them on some upcoming pairs to see how I feel about them. And thanks for the compliment!
To be fair if you’re anything like me you probably rotate enough so it’s not amazingly important but I do seem to wear toes faster...must be all the tap dancing....🍻


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Feb 23, 2019
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Jun 6, 2017
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Do I already have the Cheaney Pennnine veld boot? Yes. Do I need another veld boot? No; but the Alfred Sargent Selkirk is just too handsome of a boot and I love the beefy double leather sole. Oh, and the Pennine is burgundy country grain, while these are dark brown true Zug grain. On sale at Tredders and finding an additional 10% code online to put them at 240 GBP just sealed the deal. Borrowed the pics from somewhere online, they’re far better than I’ll take when mine arrive 😁View attachment 1399495View attachment 1399496View attachment 1399497
You cannot go wrong with Alfred Sargent


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Apr 19, 2020
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Crafty and I both have suede chukkas on today. Don’t know if that’s an example of great minds thinking alike, or insanity running in pairs?
Anyway, these are the supremely comfortable Heschung Genet in what I recall they call “fawn” suede on a cushioned rubber sole of their own design. If I’m wrong and they don’t call it “Fawn”, then I’ll call it that 😛
Yes, they need a good brushing which I’ll do this weekend, but this is a good example of a just-wear-em-and-forget-em boot. For anyone new to this French brand, the contrasting white stitching is their reverse welt that they’re known for.



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Jun 12, 2018
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The Selkirk's arrived today from Tredders; may not be news to many here, but they seem to be good folks to deal with. Ordered late Monday night local time, and received them this morning. They must have shipped them overnight; terrific service!

Anyway, for anyone just tuning in today, these are the Alfred Sargent Selkirk in dark brown Horween Zug grain. My pictures are, and will likely always be a long ways from Nishant's photography, but here are a
few pictures and thoughts.

They're straight out of the box, haven't even put my customary routine of Bick4 and brushing on them yet, let alone any creme polish, so that have a matte chocolate bar look to them right now. Also owning the terrific Cheaney Pennine II veldt boot, I can compare the two. The first thing that striking is just how thick(!) that Zug leather is. Note the picture looking down on the boot from the top with the tongue and you can see the thickness. The smell of the leather is also terrific, but I digress.....

The boots feature a last that differs from the Cheaney Pennine in that it's a FX fit and not a true 'G'. That translates as a nice middle ground between the normal width and a full 'G'. Thus, the Selkirks work with my dress socks crew, but not hiking socks or athletic socks. The Pennenine can do any of them except thicker wool, which is too much for my taste and a little tight anyway even in 'G' width.

In terms of style, they're both Veldt boots so they're never going to be dressy. However, the narrower last of the Selkirk and the lack of a Commando sole, makes it much easier to slide into a business casual role with an unstructured sport coat and casual slacks or jeans than the bulkier Pennine. In terms of sole, I really like the beefy double-leather of the Selkirk, and already had the more rugged option covered with the Pennine's Commando.

In summary, the Selkirk is a very impressively made boot and fits me very well. I didn't have much doubt, as I own a pair of AS dress shoes from their hand made line, and the quality is superb and they've stayed attractive. For anyone that's looking for a great Veldt welted boot, I heartily recommend either the Selkirk or the Pennine


View attachment 1399971View attachment 1399972View attachment 1399975View attachment 1399976View attachment 1399977View attachment 1399978View attachment 1399973View attachment 1399974
Love those! I very nearly bought a pair but ended up with zug Snowdon’s instead.

Both great boots. I was going to opt for commando but like the look of yours on double leather.

The zug seems to take a beating and then a quick wipe down and brush and it’s looking good again. Very stiff though


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Jan 13, 2016
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Love the pegged (nailed?) sole on these; did they come with the rubber half-sole, or did you add that after purchase?
Yes.. pegged nails. StC does this incredibly well.

Half Soles were done by StC as well.

Fantastic boots, and beautiful color suede! what color does the industry and/or StC call that?
Called HUN 076

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