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Jan 29, 2008
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This review is going to have some objective components. Going to let them warm up from being in 20 degree weather before I test out fit.
I am also going to do some size comparisons as I felt it was hard to get any information regarding EEE for European brands.
I can already tell the Stow is easily as wide as some of my EEE boots which is great.
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Very interested in your Carlos Santos last 333 experiences. They look stunning.


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Sep 25, 2020
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So Division Road just dropped their most recent collaboration with Trickers. Some really nice options. I went back and forth between a couple of the options and finally pulled the trigger.... on C&J Scotch grain Coniston's I've been wanting ? I'm not sure how that happened. I'm actually wearing Sign Kudu Stowes right now and love them. The new brown nut dublin looks fantastic. But, some part of my brain said: if you're going to buy yet another pair of boots, get the ones you've been wanting.
Oh a hundred percent. I would even go so far as saying that could be the one boot yo have, it’s such a classic or even more, if you had to have just one pair for ever and ever amen the Coniston is a safe bet.

with that said, I am considering the Charcoal chamois Trickers x DR low leg logger. Let’s see. Want to sleep on this a bit.



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Mar 19, 2018
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Tricker's Stow vs. Carlos Santos Brogue Boot showdown
So I happen to have recently purchased two similarly styled boots and thought I'd do a little head to head.

What I got
Tricker's Stow in Green MC, 9UK, 5 Fit, commando sole, Last - 4497S
Carlos Santos Brogue Boot in Acorn, 9UK F, Danite sole, Last - 333


Weight: Tricker's 1lb, 15.5oz; CS 1lb 9.5oz
Leather Thickness: Tricker's 1.4mm, CS 0.9mm
Price: Tricker's 275 GPB, CS 145 GBP, Both on sale/clearance from AFPOS




Weight, price and leather thickness are it for the objective categories the rest are my subjective impressions. I'd say overall build quality the Tricker's wins but the gap isn't huge and price will factor in. The areas of similarity in construction are in SPI, general clicking and QC (both are better that Allen Edmonds from a QC standpoint and s bit less than Grant Stone from my small sample size. 6GS, 4 CS, 2 Tricker's and well over 50 AE)

Tricker's has more precise alignment where panels overlap. Both have similar welt joins on these two examples, both are storm welted. While this may vary depending on leather used both of my Tricker's on Manchester Calf (MC) have an overly heavy application of black polish IMO that isn't needed. As can be seen in photos the leather appears to be similar in grain size with the Tricker's being substantially thicker. This is going to vary substantially based on the type of leather used. As a point of comparison AE calf is 1.3mm-1.5mm for calf and GS Chromexcel is 2.5mm with Kudu being similar. The difference in thickness lends a feeling of the CS being of lower quality but it really depends on the purpose of the boot and I feel these two boots have very different purposes even if they are similar in style. It does look like the MC leather on the Tricker's will show creasing more than the leather used on the CS boot and the CS boot will break in faster due to thinner leather.


Where the Tricker's pulls ahead for me is in the detailing; this can be illustrated best in this shot of the heel of the boots. There is just more detail, stitching and reinforcement compared to the CS boot. The tongue on the Tricker's is gusseted and less likely to flop to one side or let in water compared to the CS boot. The lining on both is soft and well stitched. The Tricker's uses a non-rolled collar lending to a more casual style.

The fit between the two boots isn't dramatic. Both are 9UK and I would probably be best suited with an 8.5UK (9 to 9.5 EEE in most AE and 9 EEE in GS). I have a wide flat foot and I am just under 9 EEE left and just over 9 EEE right on a Brannock device for reference so YMMV.

The heel on the CS boot is narrower which I prefer and the instep is also a touch higher which I greatly prefer. My main issue with a number of shoes and boots is instep pressure. As can be seen in a number of the pictures below the Stow is wider than the CS Brogue. I'd say it is as wide or wider than an AE 9.5 EEE on the 511 last

AE Dalton in 9.5 EE US (8.5 UK). Could only attach 20 pictures so trust me the stow is wider than the CS and on par with the AE above.


Stow vs GS Brass boot in 9EEE

These are both very attractive boots if made for different purposes IMO. The Carlos Santos brogue is on a sleeker last than the Tricker's; it has smaller eyelets, laces, rolled collar and a more svelte Danite sole. Whereas the Tricker's Stow is more rugged, more substantial, round laces, bigger eyelets and a thick commando lug sole. While I think you could pair the CS with some flannel trousers if not a suit the Tricker's to me feels more at home with denim, cords, or chinos. I like them both and will wear them for different occasions.

This is probably the biggest differentiator. Both on sale the Tricker's is almost twice the price of the Carlos Santos. Value for me is highly weighted category so I find CS wins here dramatically. That's not saying I would not purchase more Tricker's as I like a number of their styles but they most certainly would need to be on sale.

Small things like shoe bags and a shoe tree from CS and just the boots for Tricker's widens the value gap as well. I'm sure a good bit of this comes down to location of manufacture, for me I don't care that much where a boot is made as long as it is made well.

Thanks for reading.
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Jun 14, 2016
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